GPS Tracking Via RF Signal

Fleet GPS Tracking with Convenience

RF GPS Tracking (No Longer Available)

  • Auto download trip data on return to office
  • 900 MHz Data Transfer
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • ExacTrax - Only from Fleetistics HD GPS Tracking
Fleetistics GO-Series GPS Tracking Video

Features & Benefits

Product HighlightS

Line of trucks.

Enterprise-Class Performance

Fleets of up at 60,000 units are currently using this Engine Diagnostics system. The GO4 RF unit also brings the advantage of capturing engine performance data through the OBDII connector. Other platforms provide J1939 and J1708 data ports for engine fault code data. Staying ahead of maintenance issues is one reason GO Series products are an industry leader in large to enterprise fleets.

Engine Diagnostics Reports

Don't Outgrow Your Telematics System

The largest fleets in North America run the GO Series. Many GO Series fleets exceed 1,000 vehicles and several are over 10,000. With this level of scalability mid-size fleets can be assured they will not outgrow the system and be forced to switch in several years.


Keep Your Fleet Rolling with Preventive Maintenance

Performing needed maintenance is different than performing scheduled maintenance. The GO Series provides engine fault code data and mileage on most popular fleet models with OBD, J1708 and J1939 engine protocols. If your job is to keep your rolling cost per mile low, you know how important preventive maintenance is without driver input.

Reduce Auto Liability Claims 35%

Orkin Pest Control has proven how GPS vehicle tracking, good policies and leadership can provide enormous savings. Orkin's best in class performance results in a financial improvement of $2,500 annually per vehicle through areas such as damage vehicles, accident frequency, productivity and workers compensation claims. Click here to receive the Orkin Pest Control case study.

Garbage truck being towed.

API Data Mapping

Fully Integrate with Your Systems

Fleetistics offers an XML API service so partners can pull GPS tracking data into their environment for integration with other systems. Consider the time and accuracy improvement of having mileage automatically inserted into your maintenance application. Pull the GPS track data into your dispatching system for planned verses actual route performance. The Fleetistics data is provided in a standard data XML format and API file transfer method that almost any company can utilize. Click here for a more detailed description of the API.

Smart Tracking Results in Good Decisions

Fleetistics knows mid to large fleets need more than dots on a map. Smart tracking updates the vehicles position and telematics based on vehicle behavior, not a set time interval. City driving is more detailed, highway driving less so. The built in accelerometer monitors harsh breaking, swerving, jackrabbit starts and over revving the engine. With this level of information fleet managers can work to change driver behavior before an accident, improve routing, reduce customer response time and increase productivity.

Making decisions easier.

Time is money.

Focus on Exceptions and Save Time

The GO Series improves the quality of the data allowing customers to go from basic data to actionable business intelligence. With good data fleet managers, dispatches, safety managers and operations managers can make more rapid and efficient decisions than ever before. Custom alerts and distribution lists get the exception data to decision makers at the same time for convenience and redundancy.

GPS buyers guide

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Our GPS tracking buyer's guide is an invaluable tool that will help you on your journey as you begin to explore all that GPS tracking has to offer. This detailed overview of what GPS tracking will give you the tools you need to help you gather information and compare systems so you can make an informed decision. Click here to download the buyer's guide.

System Overview

GO Product Presentation

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Fleetistics GO Series GO Series with optional Garmin unit
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