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  3. Only change your password in on this page or in your MyFleetistics account. If you changed it in the GPS app, use the Forgot Password tool to reset it and sync between systems.
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  5. Reset your password.
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Device Issue
  1. Power cycle by unplugging for 30 seconds.
  2. Install in another vehicle known to be working.
  3. Read more about installation and troubleshooting.
  4. Create case in MyFleetistics>Help Center or email.
DriveTRAX Setup
Don't forget to assign the decal number to the vehicle in your MyFleetistics account or you will not receive alerts when a complaint is received. Login and go to Account>Devices. Click on the edit icon on the right. The first year is free! View your dashboard and listen to complaints on the Analytics menu. GPS cannot capture rude or unwanted driver behavior.

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