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Fleet Management Technology

Fleet Management with GPS Tracker

Efficient Solutions To Fleet Management Challenges

Vehicles & Assets

Productivity, Optimization, Safety, Sustainability, Compliance, Expandability

Geotab #1 Telematics Solution


  • Complete Fleet Ecosystem
  • Small to Enterprise-Class Fleets
  • Compatible with OBD, J-Bus, EV, OEM
  • $0 install plug-&-play
  • DTC – Vehicles & Equipment
  • Accident data
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • NFC Driver ID, Speaker & 8 PTOs
  • Add fleet dashcam video

Free GPS device with service transfer. Call for details. 

Future-Proof Your Fleet with Geotab

Over 200 Integrations & APIs

Free GPS Device with Transfer!

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Transfer your service from another company and get a free plug-and-play OBD telematics device from Geotab. Geotab offers the advanced telematics and tracking ecosystem available. Call for details.

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200+ Geotab Partner Integrations

200+ Geotab Partner Integrations


  • Productivity
  • Accountability
  • Customer Service
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability
  • Safety
  • Liability
  • Insurance



  • Route Optimization
  • Dispatch
  • Maintenance Management
  • Weather
  • Work Order Management
  • Active Directory
  • Data Services (APIs)


  • IoT Data Integration
  • Smart City
  • Public Works
  • Weather
  • Big Data
  • Vision Zero
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View All Fleet Management Platforms

Large & Enterprise Fleets

  • Complex needs
  • Deeper & Multiple Integrations
  • Mixed fleet
  • Advanced functionality
  • IOX or Driver ID
  • Training
  • Dashcams
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Medium Fleets

  • Telematics
  • Routine needs but growing
  • Anticipating growth
  • Some integrations
  • Mixed fleet
  • Training
  • Dashcams
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Small Fleets

Mobile App Tracking

Last Location Only

Data IoT Solutions

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Fleet Dashcams

Affordable Fleet Dashcams

  • Seeing is believing…in court
  • Get ahead of unsafe driving habits with dashcams
  • Reduce accidents & insurance premium
  • Improve productivity
  • Interior and exterior cameras with night vision
  • Add optional GPS tracking service or SOS alert

Save on CrewChief Dashcam

Save $50 per CrewChief dashcam for a limited time.


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Mobile App Tracking

Track Mobile Phones

14 Day Free Trial

  • $0 deployment time or cost
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No installation
  • Android and iOS
  • View on the same map with other trackers
  • Configure an SOS alert
  • Turn off during personal time
  • Built-in Chat
  • Send photos

Rugged Asset Trackers

  • $0 install cost solar options
  • Solar or Wired options
  • Stop chasing assets to change batteries 
  • No travel and labor cost to hunt down dead batteries
  • Satellite and cellular asset trackers available
  • Near global real-time coverage
  • IP-67 or higher weatherproof rating
  • Intrinsically safe & Mil Spec option
  • Low cost inventory plan, to trailer tracking
  • Up to 10-year field life
  • Wired options for PTO monitoring

Track Equipment, Trailers, Generators & More

Track Equipment, Trailers, Generators & More

Equipment Trackers

Asset Tracker from $8.95/mo

  • Affordable
  • Rugged constructions
  • Satellite or cellular network option
  • solar or wired solutions
  • P-67, military spec, intrinsically safe & solar option
  • Features and price varies by GPS device & service

USA Personal & Professional Customer Service

“We have been using Fleetistics for several years with a GPS unit on every vehicle. It is an amazing service with so many reports and features. Everyone at Fleetistics has been great to work with, from sales to service and training. They are very quick and responsive to any questions & are great for offering training webinars and videos to get the most out of the system. Thanks!”

L. Shubert

“I Started services with Fleetistics in 2015. From day 1 Its been providing amazing returns on the small investment. Thank you Lynn for getting our account setup. We couldn’t provide excellent services for our clients without this technology. The gas card feature is also a real asset. Keep up the good work.”

G. Armour

Fleetistics has been our vehicle GPS tracking provider for almost a year now. We had a great experience with help choosing which fleet tracking system worked best for our budget and needs. I compared about 6 different companies and ended up choosing this vendor because of their industry knowledge. They aren’t just a single device, single solution provider. They know what is available across the board, and are much like a broker because they don’t push one solution. I appreciate the service we get if there are any issues, and we had a fast turn around on a warranty item recently. Highly recommended.

L. Lewis

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