We’ve Got Persistence!

Fleetistics is busy preparing Persistence for its debut at the Build Expo #416 in Tampa Oct 24th & 25th. Persistence is a Sherp ATV designed to operate in the extreme conditions of Siberia. With 63” wheels, the name Persistence represents the rugged go anywhere nature of the vehicle. Persistence is also the mantra of Fleetistics’ relentless pursuit of world-class service and GPS based solutions for our fleet management customers. It is also just cool if you are into transportation. Read more about Persistence Sherp ATV here.


Fleetistics also chose the Sherp ATV because many Fleetistics’ customers are in the utility, law enforcement, land management, mining, water management, and government sectors and have a practical application for a Sherp ATV. Recent hurricanes have highlighted the need to have amphibious vehicles in the inventory to respond to unique but critical emergencies and disasters. Accessing swampy, wet, deep snow, deep sand or entangled areas quickly can improve response time in an emergency but also be far more cost-effective than a helicopter or other form of transportation. With a payload of about 2,000 lbs, the Sherp ATV brings a “ton” to the table. Add a Sherp trailer which also floats, and you can do even more.


Fleetistics is a nationwide Sherp ATV dealer based in the Southeast. If your organization is interested in the Sherp ATV please click here to learn more about scheduling a demonstration. We have options to come to your location or you can come to Tampa and spend some time at the Fleetistics test track to see the Sherp in action and discuss your needs. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina are logical choices for a Sherp inventory based on hurricane damage experienced this year.


Persistence will also be a platform for demonstrating some of the technology sold and supported by Fleetistics. Geotab is a key partner in normal fleet operations but they also provide asset tracking and satellite tracking solutions for remote operations or in areas without cellular service. In-cab video systems from Rosco Vision Systems can provide a real-time video feedback to the EOC. Information and file access is available through Microsoft Office 365 and supported by IGTech365. Online and offline mapping can facilitate navigation in remote areas without cellular network connectivity on rugged tablets. All this technology results in a capable platform with many applications.


Persistence is available for an appearance at various events throughout the SE USA. If you would like Persistence at your event click here to learn more. With Persistence being a new marketing campaign now is the time to get your Persistence appearance on our schedule. To view our event calendar, click here. If your organization has a practical application on a Sherp ATV, you can learn more about our sponsorship program here.


Stay tuned to see Persistence in action at various events in the near future. For information on GPS tracking, telematics, Sherp ATV or other fleet management technology click here.

Convenient Products & Services Catalog

Convenient Products & Services Catalog

Fleet Services


Services offered by Fleetistics as well as key partners.

Fleet Products & Services

Easy Online Ordering


Time is money and customers do not want to spend their time placing orders over the phone or playing phone tag. Fleetistics has made the process of browsing the most popular fleet products and services easy and convenient with our Products & Services catalog in the MyFleetistics fleet management portal.

When an order is placed through the portal for fleet products the account manager receives the order for review. Since parts change and it may be confusing, Fleetistics built in a process of checks and balances to reduce the time spent redoing orders or asking questions.



Each product or services can be expanded to view more information (left). Features, documents, videos and web pages may be listed with more information.


When you select an item it moves to the cart (right) where you can review before placing your order. Your order is not actually being place so there is no obligation by using the cart. If you change your mind or want to update the list, just contact your account manager.


Add new services such as cameras or learn more about things such as National Safety Council training.

In-Cab Video by Rosco Vision Systems

In-Cab Video by Rosco Vision Systems


Snapshots by Exception

The Rosco Vision System Dual Vision video camera can be operated as a fully integrated solution with the Geotab GPS tracking device or as a standalone system. The integrated solution utilizes the Geotab rules engine to trigger snapshots which are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Fleet managers have a variety of options from this commercial grade video safety system. 


  1. Up to 3,000 hours of rolling video
  2. Forward and interior facing camera on the Dual-Vision camera
  3. Add an interior dome camera to monitor cargo
  4. Backup camera to reduce collisions
  5. Up to 8 exterior cameras
  6. Audio recording option
  7. Utilize with or without Geotab

In-Cab Video Data Management

Data File Size

Be careful what you change to avoid expensive data overage fees

Controlling Costs

Understanding how camera settings impact your video quality and monthly cost will ensure you find a balance between the two. In general, the default settings have been found to be the best for the average customer. Changing these can increase your cost exponentially so be careful. In-cab video (ICV) is all about data transfer cost. The smaller the video files and the fewer you transmit, the less chance there is for expensive overage fees. These variables also determine how much data can be stored on the SD card in a looping memory. If you normally get 300 hours of recordings, you would only get 150 if you double the size of the data files. Learn more

File Sizes

There are 3 primary variables that impact the data volume used from the monthly data plan. Testing should be done on 1 camera before making changes to all to avoid expensive overage fees.


  1. Frame-rate-per second (fps) – The number of images that are captured per second. 7 fps is about what the eye can see. Moving this to 14 fps will double the data being transmitted and consume more of your data plan.
  2. Resolution – The quality of the images captured can make a big difference in the file size. This impacts the data transmitted as well. A standard resolution image is often good enough and produces a file of 2 megs. Going to HD might make the same file 8 megs or 400% more data.
  3. Exception settings – Video exceptions should be for the most important exceptions only. Exceptions such as accident detection or movement after-hours should produce video clips. Creating video exceptions for speeding events could create an excessive amount of exception videos that have no real value. Each in-cab video deducts from your data bucket so choose wisely. If you opted for the live streaming service, leave some data available to stream a few times per month without going over your data plan.


Live Video

Live video is an option for some in-cab camera systems. This enables a user online to “see” through the camera and view in the cab or outside the vehicle. This can be handy in specific applications but it consumes a lot of data. Live streaming should be limited to special situations or spot checking. Live streaming cannot be run continuously due to the cost so most cameras timeout after 60 seconds. You can then enable it over and over if needed.

SD Cards

The in-cab video cameras contain an SD card to store video continuously. The number of hours that can be recorded depends on the above variables as well as the size of the SD card itself. 64 gig cards hold a lot of data. If you use a slow or smaller SD card you can run into issues. If an event is not captured as an exception video clip, the SD card can be inserted into a computer and the looping video reviewed to find a particular date and time.

Learn More

Dashcam Catches Flying Car

Dashcam Catches Flying Car

Upper Deck Parking

Dashcam Catches Vehicle Crash
Car jumps median, caught on dashcam
“Recreational marijuana slows response time and will lead to increased accidents.”

A Car Somehow Crashed Into the Second Story of a California Building

Source: Time.com

A dash camera caught a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashing into the second story of a dental office. The car hit the median at a which acted as a ramp, launching the car into the second story office. The passengers were relatively unharmed and one person was able to escape from the vehicle before fire rescue arrived. The passengers admitted to being literally high on narcotics.

Dash cameras are about the only defense a fleet operator has to combat a wild story such as this. The Fleetistics GPS tracking system, includes telematics and HOS but can also be integrated with in vehicle camera systems to capture exact information during an accident. GPS tracking is great but there are behaviors and situations that a dash camera can prove invaluable. When it comes to proving your innocence, there is nothing like having dash camera video. The flip side it, dash camera video can be subpoenaed and quickly be used against you. If your company is focused on fleet safety, a dash camera system is a good investment.