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Best GPS Tracking Devices

If you are searching for the best GPS tracking and telematics system for enterprise level fleets you must have a detailed look at the GO System. Fleetistics has been a national reseller of the GO System for over 16 years and in that time there has never been a system more capable and feature rich for the investment. Enterprise class fleets choose the GO System because even the most basic plan is more robust than most competitor top of the line GPS trackers. One fleet has over 80,000 GO devices.


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Best GPS Tracking App Features

This is a pretty bold statement but in 16+ years in the industry there has not been more engineering and development put into an overall fleet management ecosystem. Whether you are a small fleet looking for a basic vehicle tracking system or an enterprise class fleet operator, the GO System has a plan for you. The basic service includes features such as HD tracking (GPS logs ever few seconds), accident reconstruction data, custom and standard fleet reports, maintenance reminders, mobile app, fuel card, integration, user security, multi-vehicle route map, and more.


Best Flexibility for Small to Enterprise Fleets


The GO System system offers three service levels; Base, Pro and ProPlus. Base mode is generally for smaller fleets which need standard tracking features, although this includes a ton more with the GO System, and want an option to upgrade as their company grows. Base tracking mode excludes engine diagnostics and telematics. High definition tracking, custom reports, etc are still available. Fleet operators can upgrade the service on one GPS unit or the entire fleet based on the needs of individual vehicles or asset types.


Pro mode includes all the great features of Base mode but adds in the engine diagnostics and telematics for fleet safety. These features significantly increase the amount of data available for exceptions and analysis. Mid to enterprise fleets often start with Pro mode because of the engine diagnostics. Knowing when you have a problem on a heavy truck can significantly reduce unscheduled downtime and more expensive downstream maintenance. Telematics data provides input on seat belts and harsh driving behavior.


HD GPS Logging
Best GPS Tracking Map

Module Equipment Design


Wow says it all. There are so many equipment options that reviewing them online is really the best way to understand the why the GO System is considered the best GPS tracking platform available. The GO GPS device is the only device on the market today that works with OBD and J-bus engine protocols (small and large vehicles). By providing adapter harnesses, the same GPS unit can be used on these various engine protocols. Customers can also choose from a variety of IOX harness which can be connected together to provide custom equipment configurations at the individual level. Examples of IOX equipment includes driver ID tags using NFC and a driver coaching speaker.

Best Vehicle Tracking Map

Mapping is a key component of fleet management. Being able to visualize the location of fleet vehicles and assets improves decision making. Having the best vehicle tracking map means more data that aids in decision making. Often times map data is limited or does not visualize the telematics data in a way to support operations. The best GPS tracking devices lose value if you do not have the best vehicle tracking map.

When evaluating GPS vehicle tracking solutions spend time to really think if the mapping is going to suppor your operation. There may be one or two key functions that make it great, or make it miss the mark for your operation. Get a GPS tracker to demo and run it in your fleet for a few weeks to see what you can learn when it is in use.

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Drive ID Tracking

What Is A Fleet Management Ecosystem?

A fleet ecosystem is typically a web portal where fleet management can access many services. It is a place where various products and services are consolidated to provide more information in a single view that are targeted to a specific fleet operation.

One aspect of the Fleetistics GO System that makes it the best is the unique, industry first, fleet ecosystem. In MyFleetistics fleet managers can access multiple GPS tracking solutions, custom reporting, integration with other systems, single sign on, integration with Active Directory and more. MyFleetistics, is designed for fleet managers that need an efficient way to manage the any online technology or data.

Best Fleet Management System

Best 3rd Party Integrations

The newest force multiplier for fleet operations is the integration of data and services from 3rd parties. These partners are independent companies that built unique and creative value added plug-ins for the GO System ecosystem. Fleetistics and any company cannot be all things to all customers but working with integration partners means customers have the power, resources and knowledge of many fleet industry providers. This enables customers to pick and choose from a wide variety of services today or to meet future needs which may not be identified.

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