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Car Recovery System

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In order to open the pool of eligible buyers and mitigate risk, many new car dealerships and “buy-here, pay-here” dealerships are controlling risk through the use of low-cost car recovery systems. Our XT-2160 GPS system was designed specifically for the automotive industry and individuals wanting to protect a vehicle. The XT-2160 offers a car dealer or finance company the opportunity to finance to a broader range of credit scores with less risk.

Car Recovery System

Track Your Inventory Beyond the Sale


Consider the impact of being able to expand the number of vehicles sold to 5-10% more prospects because you have a reasonable assurance that you are likely to recover a vehicle in the event of default on the loan. The best part is the cost of the GPS car recovery system used to allow you to do this will be rolled into the cost of the loan and the customer pays for the technology. Customers that have marginal credit and would not likely be able to get financing can now get a vehicle because you have less risk. The benefit of selling 10% more vehicles each and every month represents a huge increase in revenue to most companies for the minimal investment.

Disable Ignition

Remotely Disable Ignition


The XT-2160 comes with an ignition relay which allows you to prevent the vehicle from restarting. Blocking the ignition allows the vehicle to be recovered at a much lower cost than using traditional methods of searching for a vehicle over an entire city, state, or nationwide. It is as simple as locating the vehicle, blocking the ignition, and driving right to it.

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