Fleet Dispatching & Messaging System

There are few technologies that provide such a cost effective way to improve your fleet operation as a simple fleet dispatching service being added an existing GPS tracking and telematics system. Cell phones run $30+ per month per line where a dispatching service is 60%+ less. By being able to send the next job location to the driver, the Garmin or Android device will route the driver right to the stop. This eliminates the excuses, and wages, of why a driver was late because the address could not be found.

Increase Driver Productivity by 20%

With the ability to dispatch directly from the application to in-vehicle Garmin units, your fleet management system becomes even more effective.

  • Improve Driver Productivity
  • Automate Business Processes
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
fleet Dispatching message
Fleet Dispatching - Directions

Dispatch on the Fly

Dispatching to a location is as easy as creating a zone in the map, clicking on the zone, and selecting “Dispatch vehicle here.” Fast dispatching means a quick response, which means happy customers

Send Routes to Garmin Devices

Sending a single address to a vehicle is one thing, but the GO Series fleet management system also allows you to send entire routes to Garmin units as well, so you don’t have to send each address individually.

Fleet Dispatching & Messaging Service with Garmin


Watch how the accelerometer captures harsh driving that increases maintenance costs and reduces vehicle life.

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