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Recreating Accidents


Information is key when dealing with accident reconstruction and liability. Knowing when to fight a lawsuit and knowing when to settle quickly reduces the overall time and expense of inevitable vehicle accidents. The accelerometer in the vehicle tracking device measure g-forces to monitor movement left to right, forward and backward, and up and down. This hypersensitive measurement helps paint a picture of vehicle driving behavior and vehicle accident motion during an accident.


The data provided is not guaranteed for a particular use. It can augment other data to provide a clearer picture of the sequence of events.

True Story – Resolving A False Insuance Claim

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Accident Reconstruction with Telematics

Fleetistics has created an emergency notification service to call and text a group of people responsible for fleet safety when a major safety event takes place.

2.5g Collision


The GO System considers a 2.5 or greater g-force event to be an accident. Collision data is calculated at 100 times per second.

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