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Mobile GPS applications for fleet managers

Mobile GPS Applications

Find Your Fleet On The Go

Fleetistics offers multiple mobile fleet applications to go with the various fleet tracking platforms and services available. Choose from apps that provide access for fleet management or install mobile tracking apps on a smartphone without an additional GPS tracking device.

  • Multiple mobile fleet applications
  • Fleet tracking and route history
  • Time tracking for field workers
  • Mileage tracking for personal vehicle reimbursement
  • SOS alert optional service

Phone Tracking

Several of the fleet tracking platforms offer phone tracking apps. Phone tracking provides an alternative to installing a GPS tracker in an employees personal vehicle. A phone tracking mobile app can also act as a bridge into GPS tracking telematics. Get started with a tracking app and after you have achieved your ROI, transition to a OBD GPS device for more consistent and better tracking data such as DTCs and accelerometer data.

Mobile app GPS tracking
Mobile Phone Tracking App

Phone Tracking

Geotab Mobile App – GPS Tracking, ELD, IFTA, DVIR, Messaging, Fuel

Geotab Drive


Geotab Fuel

GPS Tracker Last Location
Fleet Management - Exception Editor
Enterprice Fleet Groups
Fuel Tracking from GPS Tracker
Fleet Asset Management
Fleet Safety Exceptions
GPS tracker - Engine Diagnostics
Fleet Safety and Fleet Risk
Fleet Monitoring using Zones
Geotab Mobile - Fleet Analytics
Vehicle Tracking Details
Vehicle Tracker - Device List
Mobile Field Forms - Paper DoDo
Truck Tracker Trips List
Geotab Vehicle Tracking - Risk Management
Geotab Mobile - Device

Phone Tracking

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Mobile Fleet Access

Time, Mileage & SOS

Fleetistics Mobile Fleet Application for Time, Mileage & SOS

Track your phone and avoid the time and expense of installing a GPS tracking device. The app also includes an SOS feature and messaging between the dispatchers web portal and the mobile app.

Phone tracking is fast and convenient but may be less reliable being on an employees phone. When ready, transition to an installed GPS tracker or telematics device. You can of course have phone tracking, vehicle, equipment and asset tracking in a single account with a wide variety of GPS trackers and features to meet all your fleet tracking needs.

Available on Android and iOS.


Fleetistics Mobile App Tracking with SOS

Access your Fleetistics ONE account from your mobile app for convenient anywhere access.

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