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  • Robust ecosystem for wide variety of needs
  • Dashcam option
  • Government and large fleet favorite
  • More



  • Fleet tracking at an affordable price
  • Wide variety of devices
  • Dashcam option
  • More



  • Basic tracking
  • Super affordable
  • Upgrade to ONE platform
  • More



  • Lowest cost UI
  • Asset inventory
  • Upgrade to ONE platform
  • More



  • API data only
  • Upgrade to ONE platform with device purchase
  • More

Geotab Platform


If you are looking for a robust fleet management ecosystem that allows a company to go in any direction, choose Geotab, a global leader in fleet management.


  • High resolutions GPS tracking and telematics
  • Multiple service plans
  • Drive safety scoring
  • ELD, DVIR, driver ID, scoring
  • Engine DTCs
  • Expandability – 250+ 3rd party integrations
  • APIs for integration, including OEMs
  • Dashcam integration
  • Government specific servers for cyber security
  • Share data between accounts (parent:child)
  • Sourcewell purchasing
  • Multi-lingual interface

Share Vehicle Location with Customers

“ONE” Platform


If you are focused primarily on GPS for vehicles, equipment, and assets, Fleetistics ONE balances great tracking with price.


  • Quality GPS tracking
  • Weather radar & future-cast to keep workers safe
  • Mobile app with SOS, image sharing and chat
  • Highly configurable alerts
  • Route replay
  • Custom map icons
  • Integration options
  • Over 100 GPS devices integrated
  • Dashcam integration
  • Share limited data between accounts (parent:child)
Fleetistics One Fleet Solution

“LITE” Platform


A basic small fleet solution for essential tracking data with a very low monthly service fee.


  • Basic & simple
  • Super affordable
  • Upgrade to Fleetistics ONE if more functionality and data is needed
  • Multiple vehicle and asset GPS device options
Fleetistics LITE Fleet Solution

“CORE” Platform


Last known location keeps the monthly service fee to the bare minimum for inventory and theft recovery.


  • Map showing the last known location of each asset
  • Movement updates
  • Daily “heartbeat” when stationary
  • Battery status
  • Upgrade to LITE or ONE if more features are needed

“IoT” Platform


BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. GPS data is provided via API to your network. This is a data only solution for your developers to use without having to develop the complex capability to parse data from cellular carriers.


  • Fleetistics provides a GPS device and cellular service, no UI
  • Raw data from the GPS tracker or IoT device is brought into a central database, decoded and shared using an API
  • Data storage is done in the customer’s environment
  • Upgrade to the LITE or ONE if more features are needed
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