Geotab GPS Service Plans

Choose your plan. Upgrade as needed.
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Choose a Plan Right for Your Fleet

Choose a service plan and upgrade, or change, as needed to meet your fleet needs.

This flexibility enables you to find choose multiple plans at the vehicle level, maximizing your investment and increasing your ROI. 

*Ask us about special government pricing.

Lists are not all inclusive, and conditions may apply. Speak with a Fleetistics expert to learn more.

Prices do not include all options, taxes or S&H.
Best price requires a 36-month service agreement. Prices subject to change without notice. A GPS tracker is just the beginning.
Some ProPlus features like roadside assistance require all vehicles in the account be on the ProPlus service plan.

Customers can move one, several or all devices between Geotab GPS service plans at the start of the next billing cycle for a small fee. Some benefits such as roadside assistance requires all vehicles to be on the same GPS service plans. Network carrier upgrades are covered but requires an account be on ProPlus for 12 months and have at least 12 months remaining on the service plan. 

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