Tools to Make Better Decisions – Faster & More Efficient

Fleetistics is always looking to provide our customers with tools to enable the highest ROI possible. We have been hard at work developing a set of custom reports designed to give fleet managers access to information quickly. Some GPS tracking systems, like the GO System will provide you all the available fault codes and status codes, which equates to hundreds of variables, instead of just a few basic variables.  

In MyFleetistics click Analytics > Custom Reports in the main menu to see the growing library of dashboards and reports that are just a couple mouse clicks away

The Safety and Exceptions Dashboards provide valuable information that can keep you well informed on your fleet in a matter of seconds.

Custom Reporting Safety Exemptions

Custom Reporting from Odometer and Voltage Reports are invaluable to monitoring your fleet. Odometer reports provide vital statistics on miles driven, which can be beneficial in billing customers or paying drivers. Voltage Reports provide an opportunity to preemptively maintain batteries to avoid expensive towing and lost wages for your fleet vehicles.

Simply click the menu option for Go Odometer or Go Voltage and the information is instantly available for you to review and synthesize.

Custom Reports

At Fleetistics we strive to be your partner in fleet management. GPS data allows us to create reports, dashboards, view trends and statistics that can help you understand yesterday, and better prepare you for today and tomorrow. We are always working to improve the way we deliver data. We welcome all criticism and comments to better our systems for our valued customers. Our goal is to give the most complete set of tools to enable best-in-class fleets across the nation.

Custom Reporting