Support Cases Made Easy

Support Cases Just Got Easier!

The thought of opening a support case can be frustrating. We have all had a bad experience dealing with a support issue online at some point. Fleetistics is determined to simplify and streamline the support process.

Benefits Of Opening A Support Case

  • Avoid Hold. Don’t waste valuable time calling. We are glad to talk to you but we service many customers. Entering a case simply avoids hold time and phone tag.
  • Easy Access. The support system resides within MyFleetistics. It is connected to your database so you don’t have to look up serial numbers and device details. When a case is opened from the Device Status Table, vehicle information is automatically entered in the support ticket. Current and historical cases can be reviewed.
  • Fire and forget. The case allows you to walk away while we do our research. You can go about your day. No phone tag. No being on hold.
  • Accountability. Cases are time and date stamped. Both parties are held accountable for a timely response.
  • Communication. Information is shared and documented in one place for a single issue.
  • Notification. When a case is updated by Fleetistics or you, notification is provided to the other party.
  • Self Help. We are working to provide quick, easy to follow instructions for the most common issues so you can potentially address an issue immediately and move on with your day. View troubleshooting steps click here.
Opening a Support Case

Accessing the Device Support System


After logging into MyFleetistics, click Analytics, then Dashboard Device Status. A list of your devices populates, color coded to identify devices that may have issues. First, find the device that you want to open a case for, and click the flag to the right of the device information.


Opening a Support Case

Next, Complete the Brief Support Case Form

Not a vehicle or device issue?

If your support case is not about a device issue, simply click the cross icon in the top right corner of the window or navigate to Help Center > Support and select “Open Support Case” to open the form without specific device information.

Alternate path to open case

Select the category of the issue from the pre-populated list.

Open a support case

Now, Add Your Case Comments

In the comments section tell us what you have done to identify or resolve the issue. Clearly, we must go through a series of troubleshooting steps. Knowing what you have already done moves us past those steps.

The basic troubleshooting steps for Geotab devices can be found at Frequently Asked Questions – Troubleshooting Geotab OBD Device (

A screen shot or image of an unusual occurrence is always helpful. Don’t forget to attach the file.

Finally, be sure to verify your email address and add the best phone number best time to call if we need to speak with you.

Open a support case

You have successfully opened a support case.

Support Case is now open

Case Confirmation Email

Once a case has been opened you will receive an email confirmation as in the image below. The email contains a link to your case. Each time a case is updated, you will receive another email notification so you know it is time to view and respond.

Inside the case you can add additional details, upload images, and respond to questions the Support Reps ask through the linked form. Replying to the email will record your text reply in the case, but if it is not a simple text reply, it is best to use the link in the email to add your response directly to the case with any images or documents that may be helpful. All of the history is then recorded in the case. You can also check on the status of a case at any time by navigating to Help Center > Cases .

Case Acknowledgement Email

Example of the Support Case in MyFleetistics

Typical Support Case Documentation

In the example below, Support requests the client’s agreement to the RMA terms prior to returning the device for testing. The pdf RMA terms document link is in the email and in the case itself. It contains the details on where to send the device, what happens next, and has some helpful links to other documents as well. After reading the document it is time to acknowledge it in the Support Case system. Working from the email, it looks like this.

Support Case agreement

The Response to the Case is now logged and time/date stamped.

As more action is taken, everything is documented while the problem is being solved. Here is the case after a few more entries. There is no question about who is doing what, or if we are making progress.

Support case progress

Sales Tax on Internet Sales

Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax


Internet sales tax has been a hot topic lately because sales tax and other mandated taxes will soon be collected by online retailers. Providers that reach the minimum and new economic Nexus limits will be required to collect sales tax as a result of the recent Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair. In the past, a physical presence in the state was needed to establish physical Nexus. Now that has all changed.

Fleetistics’ plan of action.

An advance letter was sent to all customers and prospective customers on October 8, 2019, explaining the coming changes.

  1. Until Fleetistics begins to collect sales tax, customers should continue to pay all taxes related to products and service purchased from Fleetistics to their sales tax authority.
  2. If you have not paid applicable taxes on the products and services purchased from Fleetistics (formerly GPS Fleet Solutions), you need to do so quickly, per your purchase agreement and standard accounting practices.
  3. It has been our experience that failing to pay taxes for any and all online purchases may flag your company with your state Department of Revenue (DOR) leading to an audit. Audits are time consuming, expensive and can lead to interest and penalties, and even the cost to defend Fleetistics.
  4. If taxes have not been paid, paying the taxes before 2020 may be a way to reduce your current year tax liability.

Your sales tax responsibility.

Current and former customers are responsible for reporting and paying all taxes until such a time that Fleetistics collects sales tax on behalf of customers. Paying sales tax for online purchases is a standard accounting practice and well known to accounting professionals. This is likely already being handled by your accounting department but confirming prior to an audit is a prudent step. The responsibility to pay tax for online purchases for all products, and possibly services, may go back seven years or longer. Fleetistics is working to establish a tax collection process per the Supreme Court ruling to remit sales tax on behalf of customers across all 50 states and has a target date of 1 January, 2020 to begin.

What to do if you owe sales tax.

Fleetistics is not a licensed authority on taxes and the content herein is solely Fleetistics’ opinion, so be sure to consult your accounting and tax professionals for advice. It seem logical that if you voluntarily pay any sales tax owed before being audited, you are more likely to avoid interest and penalties. This may be done to encourage companies to come forward and pay back taxes. Local government would avoid the cost of audits and legal proceedings to fine and collect back due taxes. If taxes have not been paid, your company is at risk.

We are communicating this to you because it represents a major shift in how business is done online and with Fleetistics. It is an opportunity to review your standard accounting practices to ensure the proper handling of all online purchases. Any company selling you goods and services should be transitioning to collecting and paying sales taxes. If they are not, they are doing your company a disservice and are unlikely to remain in business. It is Fleetistics’ belief that there will be so many companies failing to implement this important process. State tax collection agencies may be busy for years prosecuting cases. Those doing it right will avoid the hassle and may continue doing business with less DOR scrutiny.

Fleetistics sincerely appreciates your business and the strong working relationship built over the years. We believe this change is a good one even with a significant increase in cost and effort to implement this program nationwide.