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Car jumps median, caught on dashcam
“Recreational marijuana slows response time and will lead to increased accidents.”

Dashcam Catches A Car Crash Into the Second Story of a California Building

Source: Time.com

A dashcam caught a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashing into the second story of a dental office. The car hit the median at a which acted as a ramp, launching the car into the second story office. The passengers were relatively unharmed and one person was able to escape from the vehicle before fire rescue arrived.

The passengers admitted to being literally high on narcotics. Cameras are about the only defense a fleet operator has to combat a wild story such as this. The Fleetistics GPS tracking system, includes telematics and HOS but can also be integrated with in vehicle camera systems to capture exact information during an accident.

GPS tracking is great but there are behaviors and situations that a dashcam can prove invaluable. When it comes to proving your innocence, there is nothing like having video. The flip side is, video can be subpoenaed and quickly be used against you. If your company is focused on fleet safety, a dash camera system is a good investment.