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Automated & GPS Integrated Validation


GPS tracking is a fantastic tool for fleet management, but it cannot identify all unwanted driver behaviors. The Fleetistics DriveTRAXTM program enables the public to assist in reporting inconsiderate, inappropriate or erratic behavior.

Public Based Driver Observation Program


Slapping a GPS tracker on your trucks won’t solve all safety issues and definitely will not protect your brand from rude behavior. A public based driver observation program adds a layer to a fleet safety program and is your only defense against driver actions not captured by a GPS tracker or even a dashcam.

DriveTRAXTM comes FREE with a GPS System for the first year and then has a small annual fee for less than taking an employee to dinner. Companies implementing a Driver Observation Program see quick results and outperform those using just a GPS fleet tracking solution.

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Prevention is Key

“Results range from at least a 20-percent reduction in claims to a 52-percent loss dollar reduction.” Automotive Fleet

Driver Observation example recording

Integrated with GPS

There are many tools which can and should use to build and support a culture of safety. Preventing a single accident a year will provide a return on investment many times over. With DriveTRAXTM driver observation the GPS data is used to confirm the vehicle was in the area at the time of the reported incident. View the last 15 minutes of driving activity on a map. Fleet managers can also listen to the actual voice message left by the person making the report. Once the data is collected Fleetistics creates analytics to measure progress. View GPS Tracker

Driver Observation

Rude, Aggressive, Unwanted

When someone reports an incident, the DriveTRAXTM operator takes down the information. A report of the incident is then provided to you so you can compare your GPS tracking data with the incident report.

Integrated with the Fleetistics GO System and Fleetistics ONE System

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