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Take Control of Fleet Fuel Expenses


The WEX Fleet Fuel Card is the ultimate way to increase your fleet management efficiency and save on vehicle fueling and service cost. It’s accepted at over 90% of retail fuel locations and more than 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations nationwide. Unlike a credit card, you can view every detail about every purchase. Click the image to the right to see a detailed fuel report.


  • Gallons pumped
  • Fuel type (reg, super, diesel) 
  • Control fuel purchase by card (only regular or diesel)
  • Fill-up date, time and location
  • In-store purchases (…or block non-fuel purchase)
  • View dashboards and reports in MyFleetistics and WEX Online
  • With GPS tracking, zone and monitor the time/wages spent at gas stations. Are employees taking 30 minutes at $20/hr? This means you are buying breakfast for everyone, every day. Instead, eat at home and have one employee fuel the vehicle, not a crew. Limit the fuel time to 10 minutes and run zone reports to track violations.

The WEX fuel card gives you details so you have insight into what is really being purchased. A credit card simply lists the store and amount. 

Note: Fuel card is assigned to the vehicle. 


WEX fleet fuel and telematics
Fleetistics Fuel Card by WEX

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WEX fleet fuel app

Get Gas Anywhere

The WEX Fleet Card has one of the largest networks of card acceptance in the industry, covering over 90% of the fueling stations and providing regular, diesel and alternate fuels such as E85 and CNG.


View Expense Data

Stop chasing down receipts or worrying about going over your credit limit. You can easily view your fuel and service spending in real time or monthly.


Security And Protection

Driver identification numbers help you easily track unauthorized spending and deactivate lost or stolen cards.


Easy -To-Use Online Management Tools

Quickly activate and deactivate cards, set card product controls, pay online, and view invoices going back up to 12 months.


Pay Monthly

Pay the balance monthly to avoid issues later.



Instantly find fueling stations with the most up-to-date pricing, based on brand, location and service type. Start saving money by finding the cheapest station in your area and stop driving out of your way to find a gas station which accepts your card.

Track Fuel Used

Quickly know how your vehicles are performing with cost-per-mile and miles-per-gallon analyses. By taking advantage of purchase alerts and controls, you can keep a close watch on your company’s bottom line and easily enforce purchasing policies. Fleet fuel purchase reports show where and when every purchase is made and by which driver. The easy-to read reports show the details you need, when you need them.

WEX fuel and telematics
WEX fuel and telematics

Custom Dashboard

Every night Fleetistics receives data from WEX and it is merged with GPS data to provide custom data views. The most important data is data from WEX is displayed in for convenience in the Fleetistics Fleet Management Portal. Fleetistics also combines fuel data with data to bring new insights into fuel usage.

WEX Towing Service

Take the surprise out of towing costs and scrambling to find service. With the WEX towing service you know the rate each tow is going to cost. Employees also have a resource to get help when the office may be closed or busy. To read more about the optional service package.

WEX fuel and telematics
WEX fuel and telematics

Fueling by Vehicle

The Fleetistics Fuel Card is accepted at 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations anywhere WEX is accepted. The card is also accepted at over 45,000 service and maintenance locations nationwide. Learn about fuel consultants.

With just a click of the mouse, you’ll be able to view all of your fleet activity online at any time. Stay on top of expenses with online account access that allows you to:

  • Add or delete cards and drivers in real-time.
  • Access transactions as they post to your account.
  • Set limits online across fuel, service and merchandise for enforcement of purchasing policies.
  • Receive an email when a transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines.

Fueling Details

Drivers must provide an authorized Driver identification number and the vehicle’s odometer reading when they use the Fleetistics Fuel Card. Together with the information encoded in the card’s magnetic strip, we can tell you who bought what, when and for how much.

Friendly, knowledgeable representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or to cancel lost or stolen cards immediately.

WEX fuel and telematics

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How can I apply for the Fleetistics Fuel Card program?

To apply today, fill out the Fleetistics Fuel Card Application at the top of this page or for more information on the program, call 855-300-0527.

Where is the Fleetistics Fuel Card accepted?

The Fleetistics Fuel Card powered by WEX Inc. is accepted at 90% of retail fuel locations throughout the U.S. Plus, additional acceptance at over 45,000 service merchants nationwide. For a full list of participating locations, visit www.wexinc.com/accepting-locations.



Fuel Card Partners

What does it cost?

A $40 application fee is added to the first invoice, after which the cost is $2.00 per month, per vehicle, and a small percentage of each transaction. There is no added cost getting the card through Fleetistics and you must have a Fleetistics Fuel Card to access data integrated with the GPS data and fuel dashboards in the MyFleetistics Fleet Management Portal.

How does the Fleetistics Fuel Card work at the pump?

Drivers will be prompted to input two pieces of information: Driver ID & Odometer reading

The Fleetistics Fuel Card requires that all cardholders enter a valid Driver ID to authorize a sale. An odometer value must also be entered but is not used for authorization, so accuracy is not required. However, accurate odometer entries will support detailed vehicle performance reporting to the customer. Fleetistics reports and dashboards utilize the vehicle’s odometer when provided.

Who assigns Driver ID numbers?

Customers may choose their own 4-digit Driver ID number, or WEX can randomly assign the Driver ID. Assigning each driver a unique identification number ensures accurate reporting of driver purchasing behavior and a higher level of control. All customer service is provided by WEX, Fleetistics does nightly integrations.

How can I manage my account?
The Fleetistics Fuel Card offers an online portal for its customers to easily manage their accounts online. Once enrolled online, you can login any time to:

  • Add or delete cards and drivers
  • Access transactions as they post to your account
  • Set limits online across fuel, service and merchandise for enforcement of purchasing policies
  • Receive an email when a transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines

Customer Service representatives are also available 24/7 to help answer your questions.

What reporting is available with the Fleetistics Fuel Card?

The Fleetistics Fuel Card offers its customers clear, consolidated reporting that makes reviewing your fleets purchasing activity easy to read and manage. Our comprehensive reporting allows you to:

  • View detailed purchase information
  • Continually monitor driver activity
  • Pinpoint possible trouble areas
  • Track fuel efficiency with MPG
  • Download reports and information online anytime
What is the process for replacing lost/stolen cards?

The authorized fleet contact can order replacement cards by logging on to their WEX admin portal. The fleet manager may also call Customer Service to report lost or stolen cards.

Who terminates cards if a driver terminates employment?

The fleet manager is responsible for managing the cards and drivers in their portfolio. The authorized fleet contact can add or delete cards by logging into their WEX admin portal. The fleet manager can also call Customer Service to terminate or add a driver or vehicle.

When new vehicles are added to a fleet, what is the process and timeline for ordering new cards?

The fleet manager is responsible for managing the cards and drivers in their portfolio. For new fleets and overnight mail requests, card orders received before 3:30 pm Eastern Time will ship the same day. All cards ordered for regular shipping will ship the next day.

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