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Man-Down Safety Solution

Garmin Explorer Global Satellite Coverage

100 percent global Iridium satellite coverage enables 2-way text messaging to any cell phone number or email address from anywhere in the world.

Encounter an at-risk situation in a remote location or offshore, and inReach quickly becomes the most valuable tool in your survival kit. It provides global, interactive SOS capabilities and that means you are able to trigger a distress signal, receive a delivery confirmation that help is on the way and maintain a 2-way text conversation with the GEOS emergency monitoring center. GEOS is standing by 24/7 to assist with your emergency, track your location and notify the most appropriate emergency response for your unique situation. Whenever, wherever the GEOS team will stay in communication with you until your situation is resolved.

Team Tracking

Garmin Explorer Users within a group can monitor the position of multiple team members at the same time using a paired Android or iOS device. View their location, direction, speed, and even send them messages from the field.

Garmin Explorer Lone Worker

Safety is not a something you do some of the time or when you are at the office. Safety is a culture and a mindset. When management commits time and money to safety under all conditions, employees notice. Those employees operating in remote areas, away from cellular coverage, know they can get into serious trouble quickly. The Garmin Explorer man down solution offers peace of mind to do the tough job.

Garmin Explorer - Topo-Map Man-Down

The SOS Advantage: 2-way Communication

Unlike other popular satellite communication devices, InReach 2-way communication technology allows you to receive and send messages so you are continually updated on the status of any search or rescue operation. While others who use limited 1-way devices are left to sit and wonder if their SOS has been received, your InReach 2-way messaging provides a much more reassuring scenario:

SOS Rescue

Garmin Explorer Subscription Service

Fleetistics does not sell the Garmin Explorer or the service. Customers must purchase the devices from any retailer and subscribe to the appropriate Garmin service plan. Fleetistics will bring that data into your MyFleetistics account so all your tracking is in one place with a single sign on. You will be able to access your GPS vehicle tracking, your full Garmin account and see your Garmin units and vehicle tracking units on one map in MyFleetView. View Garmin subscription pricing. Fleetistics charges a small separate fee to maintain the data connection and provide the integrated service.

Garmin Explorer Personal Locator and Navigation

Garmin Explorer EPIRB

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