DriveTRAX How's My Driving Program
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GPS Tracking Can’t Do it All

DriveTRAX fills in the gap. As much as we love GPS tracking technology it cannot give you the needed data in all situations. We have seen many situations like the one to the left which provides a terrible public perception of the city and their workers. This photo was taken alongside a busy 6 lane road during the lunch rush hour.

The DriveTRAX program is included for 1 year for new Fleetistics GPS tracking customers. DriveTRAX provides another layer of insight that is provided by citizens. Fleetistics integrates the GPS tracking data with the citizen reports to keep your public perception strong.

Catch Them Doing Something Right

The goal is not to catch employees doing something wrong. The goal should be to catch them doing what you want them to do, rewarding that behavior and quickly addressing the unwanted behavior. Unfortunately some people don’t learn and they are making a choice to work some place else, like your competitor that isn’t using Fleetistics technology. DriveTRAX is very cost effective and free for the first year with our GPS vehicle tracking service.

DriveTRAX Dashboard for Analytics

DriveTRAX Analytics