Enterprise Class Fleet GPS Tracking

Enterprise Class Fleets

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Enterprise Fleets GPS Tracking

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Maximum Customization & Integration

Enterprise Fleets GPS Tracking

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Maximum Customization & Integration

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Large fleets vary in sophistication but generally, they are aware of the need to utilize technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and accountability. A full range of fleet management technology is needed and the manpower and skills are available to take advantage of the data being generated.



The bigger an organization the more complex the issues. Departments are created to divide and conquer the work. Fleet management data impacts many areas of a large organization and each department can work with the data to drive their agenda. This increased data consumption often leads to needing to engage with integrated fleet management partners or integrate directly.



Integrated partners offer a broad spectrum of value-added capabilities not available on other enterprise-class fleet management platforms. If the iPhone did not have apps, how useful would it be? It would be just another cell phone. Many enterprise level organizations already have a development team that is capable of consuming the GPS tracking, telematics, engine diagnostics and 3rd party data to create unique and highly customized dashboards for real-time decision making. The API and SDK are the tools that enable fleet customers to get this done.

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