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Basic GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

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ELD, DVIR, Dispatch, Messaging

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ELD, DVIR, Dispatch, Messaging


A cost-effective fleet tracking system with basic functionality. The most basic information provided by a GPS tracker for the lowest investment. Available for vehicles, assets and phone tracking.


Efficiency, Accountability & Profitability

To combat inefficiency, small fleet operators can utilize GPS trackers to keep drivers on schedule, reduce speeding and stop after hours driving. Customers can step up to more advanced technology like that of Geotab when the time is right. Unfortunately, the GPS trackers and data will not transfer. 




  • Sufficient mapping to be in control
  • Reports and map split view
  • Exceptions to reduce time reviewing data
  • Multiple GPS devices available

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We guarantee what you see in the sales process is what you will see and experience in the GPS solution.

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Download Our Buyers Guide

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