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Small fleet operators and business owners have unique needs, mainly they need more time…for everything. Starting a business is hard work and every dollar counts. Having 1 truck in 4 being unproductive has a much more noticeable impact than 1 truck in 500 being unproductive. A cost effective fleet tracking system with basic functionality is what most small fleets need.


To combat inefficiency, small fleet operators can utilize GPS trackers for accountability and visual route organization. Fleet tracking does not mean sitting in front of a monitor watch the trucks all day. It means spot checking on performance by glancing at a map. The goal is to spend under 10 minutes per day reviewing the tracking data on the map, getting emailed reports once a week and email alerts for the most critical exceptions.

Visual Route Review

Getting vehicles to customer locations efficiently is important to profitability. Being able to visualize the vehicles current GPS position provides a dispatcher with data to make a better scheduling decision. By viewing historical GPS tracker data, fleet owners can see where routes intersect or when different trucks are working the same area. This data helps organize customer service in a more efficient manner. Remember to always be thinking about the rolling cost per mile.

Standard Features

  • Basic GPS tracking
  • Upgrade path as you grow
  • Start with lowest service level
  • View multiple routes on map at same time
  • View exceptions on map at a glance
  • Eliminate after hours driving with your fuel
  • Potential insurance discount
  • Basic maintenance tracking
  • Schedule reports by email – in Excel
  • Simplify UI to show only what you need
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime


  • Extreme detail
  • Device beeps on exception to coach drivers
  • $0.00 OBD installation
  • Quickly move device between vehicles
  • 1-second log rate
  • One GPS tracker for OBD & J-Bus
  • Cost effective GPS device
  • Extended warranty against defects available
  • Y-harness to move GPS tracker to in dash
  • Large memory in case out of cell coverage

Advanced Features

  • Dispatch and messaging
  • Electronic forms
  • DVIR
  • In-cab cameras
  • Battery voltage to reduce breakdowns
  • ProPlus with roadside assistance
  • Driver identification
  • ELD and IFTA

Potential Partners

  • Paper DoDo – Forms
  • Predictive Coach – Driver Training
  • “Plug in” components
  • Hardware flexibility counts
  • Self install, easily moved
  • IOX options such as driver ID
  • Growing electric vehicle capability
  • Connect partners systems. Ex. cameras
  • ELD, DVIR, IFTA compliant
  • 1, 10 or lifetime warranty against defects
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