Groups & User Security

Matching Data Scope & Features to Users

User groups are one of the most under valued features in any enterprise fleet management system. User groups enable GPS program managers to control which users can add, edit, delete or view information. In big fleet operations there may be hundreds of thousands of users that need the same access rights and managing them individually is very time consuming.

Groups establish a connection between users with similar access rights. Groups enable the GPS program manager to edit users in mass and share information such as scheduled reports with a group, thus all the members in the group with only one scheduled report. Groups create significant efficiencies which are imperative to enterprise fleet managers.

User Security Groups

Users can be limited to various parts of the fleet application by assigning them to user clearance groups. Custom user clearance groups can be created to fine tune the fleet management system to meet specific organizational and access needs.

  • Efficient user and system administration
  • Remove menus which a group does not need access to
  • Schedule reports for a group or individual
  • Mass assign parameters to a group
  • Schedule alert distribution to a group or individual
Fleet User Security Access

Users, Security & Groups

These three elements are extremely important to managing a GPS tracking and fleet management platform. How well these are handled determines how much work a customer has to do to administer the system after initial implementation. GPS tracking systems are not stagnant, they follow the changes in the organization.

Vehicles are bought, sold, traded and leased and these changes need to be reflected in the application. The same is true for drivers and system users. As people come and go or change areas of responsibility, the fleet management system needs to reflect these changes. If users, security roles and groups are not well designed, a lot of extra time will be needed.

Enterprise Fleet Tracking from Geotab

Group Structure

Groups enable managers to see vehicles and assets at their level and below. With one change to a group, you can avoid having to change the individual permission of each user. This saves GPS program managers a huge amount of time.

Schedule Reports by Group

Scheduling reports is as easy as picking a group during report configuration. Image 500 employees and 5,000 vehicles which access the fleet management system and needs to be updated routinely. Having to touch each employee, driver or users becomes a full time job if the right tools are not available. By organizing reports, alerts, access and other aspects of the system, one change can be made at the group level which simultaneously updates many areas or users in one efficient step.

Fleet System Email Reports
Fleet User Security by Driver Group

Alerts for Specific Groups

Groups are an essential element to managing access to organizational areas and specific trucks within those areas. Managers can see trucks at their level and below. The flexible nature of group creation makes this a feature a very powerful. With one change to a group, you can avoid having to change the individual permission of each user. This saves GPS program managers a huge amount of time.

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