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4G GPS Tracker With Built-in Wi-Fi

It is time to save by combining your GPS vehicle tracking with a mobile hotspot. The OBD Wi-Fi devices offers a convenient and secure method of transferring forms, accessing web content or communicating via chat or VoIP without a second contract or data plan. By the cheapest tablet you can find without a cellular modem and throw them away when they break.

Service excludes the 20% in mystery charges found on a cell phone company bills. Competitive data plans means you save monthly and can buy less expensive tablets. 

  • GPS Tracking
  • Robust Maps
  • Flexible Reports
  • Capable Alerts
  • Asset tracking options
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Password protected
  • 4G LTE for fast speeds
  • AT&T cellular & data network
  • Mobile device manager available
  • One invoice for GPS & Wi-Fi
  • Data plans up to several gigs
  • One service agreement
  • Buy “disposable” tablet

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