Driver Coaching

Voice and Buzzer Feedback

Driver Coaching Reduces Turnover

The most expensive option for any fleet operator is having to fire, recruit, hire and train new drivers. With driver coaching you can teach drivers to be safe and what is expected without having to be in every vehicle. Driver coaching can be customized to each individual device or vehicle based on the type of vehicle, truck or equipment and how it is used. Large trucks will have different settings than smaller F-150’s. No other GPS tracking system on the market has such a strong coaching method. Tie this in with Fleetistics National Safety Council Distracted Driving Course and you have the foundation for a safer fleet.

Driver Coaching with Geotab GO GPS tracker

GO Talk

The GO Talk driver coaching system speaks to the driver so the drive knows exactly what is being logged as an exception. The message can be customized by customers to be unique and fun. Go talk works best with ProPlus service for near immediate feedback for speeding over the posted road speed. GO Talk is also an excellent way for the fleet manager to test sensitivity settings and share with others what is needed to generate an exception such as harsh breaking or harsh driving. GO Talk is an optional device and requires Pro or ProPlus service.

Feedback Buzzer

All GO System GPS tracking systems include a 97db buzzer. The buzzer is used for a variety of communications and it can be set to alert the driver for unwanted behavior similar to the GO Talk but instead of verbal messages it alerts with a buzzing sound. Common settings include buzzing when backing, exceeding maximum speed, driving without using a seat belt and when idling excessively.

Driver Feedback Coaching System

GO Talk in Action

Technical Specification

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