Driver ID

Track the driver & the vehicle

Driver Accountability


Driver ID brings organization to data that is otherwise difficult to understand when many different people are driving the same vehicle, also known as "hot seating" a vehicle. Fleet managers can run certain reports by vehicle or by the driver. Knowing who is driving at any given time can help resolve back-up accident mysteries or other issues that tend to fall between the cracks when vehicles are shared.

Driver ID form factors include NFC or Bluetooth depending on the GPS platform. 

GPS Tracking with Driver ID

Modular Components


The GO System is the most modular GPS tracking and telematics system on the market. Driver ID is just one of the many equipment and service options available to enterprise fleet operators that want a “future proof” system; meaning you can add components as needs change. Less capable systems have limited expansion capabilities which means fleets may forgo a feature that has significant ROI impact because of the time and money to upgrade to a new system which has the needed feature. With the GO System, just order the needed add-on, install the equipment and an hour later the feature is working. This can be done on a per vehicle basis to keep the investment low and specific to assets or vehicles that need the option.

Driver ID Login

Encrypted for Security


The GO System uses an encrypted NFC tags which cannot be purchased online, replicated or read so tampering is reduced. The Driver ID tags are made of durable plastic but a paper-type version is also available for placing in a wallet.

Driver ID Kit


The driver identification kit consists of a mounting bracket, IOX cable that runs to the GO System GPS tracker and a reader. The NFC tag is tapped to the reader which transfers the data to GPS tracker and then to the server.

Driver ID Kit from Geotab
Driver Feedback for ID Tag

Driver Feedback – Coaching


Utilizing the driver ID key requires compliance. The GO GPS device has a 97 decibel buzzer which can be set to alert the driver if the vehicle is started and a driver has not been identified. This improves the quality of data being collected.

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