Fleet Dashcam

Reduce Liability, Increase Productivity


Starting at $19.95/mo

Fleet Dashcams Starting At $19.95 A Month!

CrewChief Dashcams

Video Starting at $19.95/mo!

CrewChief Dashcams

CrewChief™ Video Captures – Two Trucks Running a Red Light

Why you need CrewChief DashCams

Fleet Dashcams Protect Your Company

CrewChief™ fleet dash cams ensure productivity, promote safety, and protect you against unfounded legal liability. They offer the benefit of having a supervisor riding in every vehicle at a fraction of the cost.

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, your business will undoubtedly be named in a lawsuit. Video evidence from dash cams is the surest way to dispute claims in an accident. If your driver is at fault, you can settle quickly and resume operations. If not, you can prove it.

Remember, your most expensive resources are unsupervised 99% of the time; employees and vehicle assets. Being accountable via dashcam video keeps drivers focused on their work.

Optional Premium Services

  1. GPS Tracking
  2. 6 months data storage
  3. 128G SD cards x 2
  4. Larger data plans


Fleet Dashcams Promote Safety – Limit Liability – Reduce Insurance Costs – Increase Productivity

CrewChief 4G Dual-Cam

Dual Camera – Forward and In-Cab

Driver Leaves the Job, Runs the Stop Sign

Select Event Recording & Play

Going Through the Car Wash

Key Fleet Dashcam Features & Function

  • Event based video uploads based on defined rules
  • Optional GPS tracking service
  • After hours usage notifications
  • Real time monitoring on 2 channels
  • 2 micro SD card slots for looping memory
  • accepts SD cards up to 128G x 2
  • Timed photo upload scheduling
  • Timed video upload scheduling
  • Mobile app for location and video access
  • Variety of available reports in both detail and summary views
CrewChief live track

Optional GPS Location on Map

CrewChiefPowerful Mobile App (shown with optional GPS tracking service)

External Dashcam

Internal Dashcam

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