Push To Talk Radios

Two-Way Radio Over Cellular Network (POC)

Nationwide Two-Way Radios


  • Covers USA, Mexico & Canada
  • Phone GPS tracking option
  • SOS function
  • Dispatch console option or just use the radios
  • Reduced distractions while driving
  • Utilize on Android tablet (view tablets)

The first, PTT or push to talk service was introduced by Nextel (then Sprint) as an alternative to short-range two-way radios.  In its time, it revolutionized business communication. Prior to cellular push to talk, business communication was dominated by two-way radios on peer-to-peer and local radio networks. Instant connection, fixed costs and no frills made the radios ideal for many industries.

Finally, two-way radios are making a significant comeback using the existing cellular infrastructure and replacing PTT with push-to-talk over cellular, or POC for short.


Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC)

The rebirth of two-way radios with a modern twist is communicating over cellular networks without the traditional large investment in expensive two-way radios or walkie-talkies and campus infrastructure. PNC370 two-way push-to-talk over cellular radio operates on Wi-Fi and cellular, and defaults to Wi-Fi when available. Fleetistics “Essentials” service plan is for customers talking mostly on Wi-Fi but might need a little cellular service when they travel off network. Unlimited plans are available for busy dispatchers and field crews.

Hytera PTT Radio
Two-Way Radio Features

2 Year Warranty

Due to the rugged construction of the PNC370 two-way radio, a two year warranty is standard. Accessories have a 1 year warranty.

Have It Your Way, Go Month-to-Month

As always, Fleetistics offers a wide variety of purchasing options ranging from month-to-month, to 36 month terms and various data plans. Start month-to-month and when ready, roll into an agreement and lower the monthly investment. SaaS solutions are available from Fleetistics up to 100 radios. Need more than 100 radios? No problem, Fleetistics works with a large leasing partner that can bundle everything into one easy payment for a term that makes sense for any organization.

USA, Mexico, Canada

Keep in touch with field workers across the USA. LTE coverage using cellular networks enables travel beyond the traditional limitations of old two-way radio communication.

Rugged Device

Built to last with a two-year manufacturer warranty! The PNC370 is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and is IP54 rated. This means it has a high level of protection from dust and a fair amount of protection against water.

GPS Location

See the location of the radio for safety and dispatching. Track people and vehicles for less than company cell phones. No need to worry about how your radio is being used. Without apps, text messaging and access to the Internet, drivers stay focused on driving. Fewer distractions means fewer accidents.


Program one of the two custom buttons to act as an SOS alert to the dispatching application. Once activated the GPS position can be determined (if enabled) and help dispatched to the exact location.

Long Battery Life

Since there are a limited number of apps running constantly in background, the battery life extends well past the work day at 13 hours. A standard micro USB charger is all that is needed to boost the battery if needed.

Group Calls

Organize radios into groups to improve communication efficiency. Don’t worry about scheduling a conference call for a quick team meeting, talk to the group with the selection of the programmable P1 or P2 button on the face of the phone.

Wi-Fi or Cellular

Utilize Wi-Fi when available and cellular as needed. Radio defaults to Wi-Fi when available to reduce data use. Get an “Essentials” plan for the occasional trip out of Wi-Fi range and save on monthly service. Ex. School campus or factory.

Loud Speaker

You don’t know how important a loud speaker is until you don’t have one. Background noise at a construction site or in a factory can mean you miss important communication. The robust front facing speaker ensures you get every communication.

Hands Free Bluetooth

Reduce distractions found with traditional cell phones and connect hands free with a Bluetooth earpiece. A wired, push to talk, lapel mic is also available.

Hytera Halo PNC370 POC

Hytera PNC370 Two-Way Radio POC
Two-Way Radio Dispatch Console

Two-Way Radio - PNC370


  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Schools
  • Field service
  • Delivery
  • Building Construction
  • Medical Transport
  • Theme Parks
  • Road Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Crew Management
  • Bus & Shuttle
  • Warehouse, Supply Chain


Anyone wanting to reduce distracted driving, eliminate expensive company cell phones and benefit from group talk and GPS location of the radios.


Hytera PNC370 Two-way radio accessories optional

There are a variety of cellular network options available from Fleetistics. The carrier affects monthly communication costs and coverage area. T-Mobile offers one of the most affordable plans and is shown as a general representation of the type of two-way radio coverage you expect on the T-Mobile network. AT&T is available for an additional fee and provides a different coverage footprint.


Windows PC only

Minimum requirements

  • CPU: i5
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Disk Space: 100 GB
  • Windows 7 (Microsoft is no longer supporting as of 1/1/20. Click here to upgrade or get IT help)


Dispatch console software can be installed on multiple computers. User credentials can only be used by one person at a time. Each user/login requires a monthly access subscription.

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