MyGeotab Version 2002 First Look

As we have come to expect, when a new version of Geotab is released there all always a lot of questions. We just got our first look at MyGeotab version 2002 and want to share an advance look at what is coming soon. By turning on “Feature Preview” in your Geotab account settings, you will see some changes sooner.

To turn the preview on, click on your username in the Geotab UI, then click options. Scroll about halfway down the page to UI Settings and click the on button for Feature Preview. Don’t forget to scroll back to the top of the page and save your new setting.


turning on feature preview
turning on feature preview

What’s New in MyGeotab?

Users – You can now designate your support, training and procurement contacts for your organization in the UI

This is an optional setting that may be very helpful, especially in large organizations. Assign key experts from your organization who can answer questions and solve problems in MyGeotab! As professionals in areas of training, procurement and technical support, these individuals can share knowledge and identify tools to help meet your needs in the Fleet Management Application. They can also receive important updates about new features, and other areas we are working on to support your business. Individuals designated as support contacts must provide a phone number, since we may redirect calls if we cannot assist a user from your organization who needs help.

New User Options in MyGeotab version 2002
New User Options in MyGeotab version 2002

New Phone number field and System Communications tab on the User Edit page

There is a new System Communications tab which combines email reports, in-app notifications and service updates, into one convenient view. Use in-app notifications (formerly called: news notifications) to stay up-to-date with service updates and other news, all without leaving MyGeotab. There is also now an phone number field for all users.

User Authentication Advances

Basic HTTP-based authentication using the HTTPS/SSL security methods.
SAML Single sign-on (SSO) authentication. [Active Directory (Azure or ADFS) is available from Fleetisitcs]
MyAdmin Uses your MyAdmin credentials for access to MyGeotab.

Users can now transition between three authentication types:
SAML > Basic
Basic > SAML
MyAdmin > Basic

Start your week on any day

In MyGeotab version 2002 you can choose any day to start your work week. In previous versions this was limited to Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Moving on to the Map

Using a clustered approach,there are new tools to show you where your vehicles are, which vehicles have stopped (indicated in orange), and which vehicles are driving (indicated in green).

live map clustering

Driver Assignments

Driver Assignment The live Map now displays new drivers as soon as they are assigned to a vehicle. Previously, new drivers were only updated when the next trip occurred. Also, the pop up window for assigning a driver is now much clearer to understand.

The driver will be assigned to the vehicle for all trips until:

  • The driver is assigned to another vehicle.
  • Another driver is assigned to this vehicle.
  • The driver is unassigned from this vehicle.
Other new features worth mention are a new pending changes message, updated system notices, a billing reminder message when removing a device, and the diagnostic code token is now available in all custom notification templates.

The EV Charging Report and EV Charging Activity indicators on the live map are out of Feature Preview.

Visit Geotab to see all of the details.