Globalstar – The Company

Globalstar data from GPS and other devices is harvested and transmitted by their network of LEO (low earth orbit) satellites. This network provides coverage for 80% of the earth’s surface. They are the premier low-cost satellite communications provider for our industry. When cellular services simply do not provide enough coverage and two-way communication is not needed, Globalstar is the recognized cost-effective leader.

The Globalstar vision statement clearly communicates that connectivity is one of the great commodities in people’s lives today and they are committed to sustainment of the most reliable communication services.




Raw Globalstar Data Processing for Custom Solutions

Fleet managers face significant programming challenges and expense when planning to implement Globalstar data. First of all, developers must decode the data from the device. The data from Globalstar devices is delivered in a complex code string. Each number in the code string means something, similar to a VIN code on a vehicle.


Auto Zone VIN breakdown




In contrast, Globalstar code strings are not straightforward like a VIN. The code string must be translated into a usable format before being processed. Only then can you direct the data to the correct destination and insert it into a database. This requires infrastructure and extensive development.

Fortunately, Fleetistics offers a service that covers these steps. The processed data is provided to clients via API. Clients use the API to insert the data into their database, and it is available for use as needed by the customer.

The Fleetistics data service enables customers to implement Globalstar technology significantly faster, and moves the maintenance of the APIs and processing service to Fleetistics. As new Globalstar devices, protocols and services are updated, Fleetistics updates the web service to support all Fleetistics customers.



Small and Medium Size Business Challenges



AT-5500C Asset Tracker

This technology is readily available for use, but Globalstar products provide raw data. They do not provide a one size fits all user interface that allows you to consume Globalstar data and integrate it into your daily business operations.

Fleetistics has the back end for Globalstar data products in place and ready for you to use. GPS location reporting is integrated into the MyFleetistics portal, complete with monitoring and event alerts for your mobile assets almost anywhere. You can have all the advantages without taking on a costly and complicated development project.



Integrated Solutions

MyFleetistics existing Asset Tracker integration provides a user-friendly interface to view Globalstar tracking updates. We also provide a variety of premium services in addition to standard GPS asset tracking. After hours Priority Notification Service, Globalstar data displayed on road, satellite, or weather maps, and forecast weather overlays are just a few of the choices. We also have a device health view connected to our tech-support services that allows you to quickly identify devices displaying low battery voltage, and devices that have not reported.

Fleetistics turns that raw Globalstar data into valuable and easily consumable business intelligence, without the hassle of developing in house. Call us today for a live demo or to discuss your custom integration needs.