"ONE" Unified Tracking

Affordable Mixed Fleet Tracking

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Affordable & Basic GPS Tracking

If you need to track vehicles, equipment, and assets but do not want to pay the same monthly service rate as some GPS tracking systems, the Fleetistics ONE platform is the right fit. Select from a large number of vehicle trackers and asset trackers and view them all in a single user interface online.

Mixed Vehicle Asset GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracking Map


90% of what you will use on a daily basis can be accessed from the map.

  • View one or multiple vehicles
  • See stops events and parking locations
  • Change icons by vehicle or vehicle type
  • Aerial view and traffic data
Route Map for GPS Tracker

Robust Reports


The right report, at the right time, in the right format, makes data consumable and leads to good decision making. Standard and custom reports can be assigned to users or user groups to control data access.



Routine maintenance scheduling and reminders.

  • Schedule by time, days, engine hours or mileage
  • Alerts for maintenance events
  • Adjust for current values

Geofence or Zones


Geofencing filters data and facilitates the use of alerts for exceptions.

  • Polygon
  • Edit color to represent zone type
  • Alerts for zone interaction

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This is awesome. I only wish I did this long ago. I am saving money daily and I don not have the stress of not knowing were my employees have been. There has been a noticeable change. My employees are already trying to beat the system. This tells me they have been wasting time for a very long time. They are trying to take personal cars with them to the job site and then take lunch using the personal car so I can not tell how long of a lunch break they are taking. I quickly put an end to that. I use this system as a time clock. awesome.

Bill S.

Owner, Satisfied Customer

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Best in class save $2,500 per year, per vehicle

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