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Fleet GPS Tracking

Select Your GPS Vehicle Tracker and Fleet Management Solution
20+ Years Telematics Experience

Choose from mutliple GPS vehicle trackers and a variety of cameras and hardware to create just what you need.

OBD, J-Bus, EV

  • Flexible tracking options
  • One device, all protocols
  • Complete engine diagnostics
  • Telematics/Accelerometer
  • Accident reconstruction
  • 60k message memory
  • HD logging

Equipment Tracking

  • Rugged
  • Potted (sealed in epoxy)
  • Same tracking detail as OBD
  • Multiple IOX options
  • Equipment, boats, assets
ROSCO Dual-Vision XC4 In-Cab Video

Dual Facing Camera

  • Commercial grade
  • Looped recording
  • Interior and exterior view
  • Live streaming
  • Exception video
  • SOS button
  • Record after ignition is off

Electronic Driver Logs

  • FMCSA Certified ELD
  • Add Ons for expanded capabilities
  • Required in cab e-documents
  • Supports multiple drivers
  • Includes DVIR, IFTA, Dispatch
  • Intuitive Driver Interface

Dashboards & Reports


From basic GPS tracking to enterprise-class fleet management. Fleetistics has a platform for all fleet sizes. Integrated solutions means you can customize a solution or use the robust base system “out of the box” and be tracking in five minutes.

The goal is the right information at the right time means better decisions based on your needs.



  • Mapping is where you will spend 90% of your time to quickly spot issues or areas for improvement.
  • View route history, exceptions and dashcam video on the map.
  • Choose from a variety of mapping providers to meet your needs.
  • APIs are available to share data with your map solution.

Electronic Driver Logs


If your fleet needs an ELD system or you have simply outgrown your current provider, Fleetistics offers a very robust ELD system which is compliant in the USA, Canada and Mexico and includes the State rule sets and exceptions.

The ELD solution also includes dispatch, DVIR, IFTA and Messaging for one affordable price.



You do not want to start with a system and GPS vehicle tracker that you will outgrow or cannot connect to as needs change. With the Geotab platform this is unlikely to ever happen. At last count there were over 200 partner integrations ensuring you can find an “add-in” to meet your future needs.


  • Routing
  • Maintenance
  • Custom reports
  • DTC management
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Analytics
  • Driver scoring
  • Mobile apps
  • Weather
  • Insurance
  • Utilization

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