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Basic Technology, 30 minutes
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Basics of Fleet Tracking In 30 Minutes or Less


Join us any Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST for an introduction to fleet tracking technology. This quick webinar is geared toward people new to fleet tracking or perhaps want to see an alternative to an existing GPS tracking solution. If you are interested in learning more, please complete our contact form and we will schedule more time to discuss your specific interests.

Fleetistics has over 21 years of fleet tracking experience; since 2001! We have experience with owner operators, to fleets with over 5,000 vehicles and 350+ locations.

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Knowledge is Power. Get educated and make the best decision for your fleet operation.

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If you would like to discuss your specific objectives and better understand your options, click the link and schedule time to meet with Brandon one-on-one. 

You will receive a link from Microsoft Teams which can be saved to your calendar. Please install Teams prior to the webinar or confirm you can access the web browser version. Brandon will be able to show you how the technology can address your fleet management challenges. 

Common Discussion Points

  • Accident rates
  • Overtime
  • Low productivity
  • Customer service issues
  • Insurance expenses
  • Communication methods
  • Fleet maintenance

Introduction to Fleet Tracking – Ask about a free trial for businesses

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