In-Cab Video

Video Integrated with GPS Tracking & Telematics

Fleet Video Systems

  • Continuous recording in-cab and outside vehicle
  • Locked housing reduces tampering
  • Long looped recording times on SD card
  • Video clips triggered by GPS system exceptions
  • Available as standalone video system
  • Optional live view service
  • Integrates with GO System to capture video based on defaults exceptions
  • 64 gig of looping video storage on the vehicle
  • Up to 8 cameras available
  • Turn audio on or off
  • View video on GO System map with trip information
  • Download for long-term storage
  • Accident memory protects data

Next Level Fleet Safety

Fleet safety should be viewed in layers. Safety layers may include NSC driver training, license checks, DriveTRAX How’s My Driving, GPS tracking, telematics and in-cab video. Each platform operating independently will provide a modular safety infrastructure. Merging and integrating the data from these various systems provides more meaningful data.

Rosco In-Cab Video Lock


In-cab video is becoming more popular with fleet managers. GPS tracking provides great data but it cannot tell you if someone is on the phone or protect you against false claims. Everyone knows fleet operators are immediately sued in an accident regardless of the truth or fault. With video companies have a better chance of denying a claim altogether or the insurance company settling quickly.

Integrated with GPS

The video system is synced with the GO System standard exception. When an exception is trigged by the GO device a video clip is transferred from the device to the cloud where it can be downloaded from the application online. Fleet managers also have the opportunity to view live video on demand through the application.


Backup Camera

Backup cameras are available as a standalone kit or as part of an integrated in-cab video solution. Cameras are rugged and engineered for commercial use. These cameras as used my utility companies, NY City buses and other transit organizations. In many organizations the number one accident with from backing into this. Saving one accident over the life of the vehicle or backup camera more than pays for the rear view camera system.

In-Cab Video Installation

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