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Upgrade to ProPlus & Get a Lifetime Warranty - Ask for Details


Thank you for your incredible interest. Devices offered by Geoab for this promotion have run out. Fleetistics will announce any new promotions as they become available.

Order submitted will be retained in the order received in the event a new promotion is announced.

Geotab’s ProPlus service plan offers a lifetime warranty and is only a few dollars more per month. 

Benefits include:

1. Active tracking – High resolution and faster update rate

2. Roadside assistance – light-duty vehicles (limits apply)

3. Geotab limited lifetime warranty

With the ongoing shut down of all older 2G/3G wireless networks scheduled to start the end of 2019, Fleetistics has secured an unprecedented deal for all our GEOTAB subscribers.

If you are currently using the GEOTAB GO5, GO6, or GO7 devices throughout your fleet, we are offering a FREE UPGRADE from your older 3G hardware to the newest LTE 4G GO9 device, just pay the shipping fee. Please fill out the contact form on this page and a representative will contact you to determine how many devices are eligible for this free upgrade program.

If you have any of the named versions of hardware, after December of this year you will find they may stop reporting live in certain areas as the cellular carriers begin transitioning cell towers to the newer network infrastructure. These newest FREE UPGRADE devices are built for the latest LTE 4G wireless technology currently deployed around the world and will be viable for many years in the future.

Click HERE to view the GO9 technical specifications.

3G to 4G wireless conversion

If your business has been booming and you find yourself needing to monitor some new vehicles or assets recently added to your fleet, now until January 31st we are offering a DEEP DISCOUNT on brand new GO9 devices. Please contact your sales representative by filling out the form on this page, and they will get back with you as soon as possible to discuss these amazing January 2019 deals.

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to upgrade your fleet and ensure the future of your live connectivity.

ProPlus plan for hardware warranties

Register Now For Upgrades

Please fill out this form to learn more about the January 2019 upgrade special. A representative will get back with you in the order received. USA only. Limits apply.**Please do not call. We are unable to take upgrade calls due to high call volume.**

3G News

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