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Personal Mode

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Introduction to Privacy Mode


Personal Vehicle UseĀ 

Fleetistics is pleased to introduce Geotabs new Privacy Mode feature for both Geotab Drive and the User Interface (UI). Privacy Mode allows drivers and fleet managers to hide vehicle location information from being displayed in the UI.

Privacy Mode is intended for specific purposes in which the driver requires intervals of privacy, such as using a work vehicle during personal time or a personal vehicle during non-work times. In other instances, Privacy Mode can be used to support organizational policies that require vehicles to be hidden from view while in a particular zone.

Privacy Mode helps promote good data management practices and provides fleet managers with another level of customization for their telematics solution.


There are three ways to use Privacy Mode:

Exception Rules Set rule conditions to automatically turn Privacy Mode on and off, e.g. after work hours rule.
Application Add-In Use the Privacy Mode Add-In to manually turn Privacy Mode on and off while using the fleet management application.
Drive App Add-In Use the Privacy Mode Add-In to manually turn Privacy Mode on and off while using the Drive app.

Learn more about Privacy Mode, please review the Privacy Mode User Guide.

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