What Late Adopters of ELD Should Know

As each day passes the ELD rule inches closer and closer. Many fleet owners across the nation are working in a frantic state to become compliant, many still do not have a plan in place as of yet.

With the holiday season coming and the mandate taking effect during the height of the season, key components may slip through the cracks. Operators may find some setbacks such as shortage of devices, implementations issues, and training difficulties.

For some these challenges are unavoidable. However, understanding what hurdles to overcome can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Potential issues for late adopters:

  • Device Shortage and Quality-The industry will see a surge in last-minute device orders. Which could turn into backorders for those who have not given adequate time to get their order filled.
  • Proper Installation and Performance-If something can go wrong it will, says Murphy’s Law. With the high demand taking effect, there will be a shortage of qualified installers who can properly install and test devices.
  • Training-Truckers should be planning for training as soon as devices are ordered. The concern is that if you are scrambling to meet the compliance date, you may overlook this critical step.

While there’s much to keep in mind, here’s the bottom line: order devices, test them and train on them ASAP.