MyGeotab Version 11

Overview of MyGeotab Version 11 

We have some exciting news to share with you  from Geotab. Over the past few weeks, Geotab has released several updates in near sequence – version 9.0, 10.0, and 11.0 – that will greatly improve your user experience. These include some interface updates and new enhancements you have been waiting for. The goal is to have you – and all Geotab customers – on MyGeotab version 11.0 by May 14th

After the rollout of MyGeotab Version 11, Geotab will transition from quarterly to weekly deployment of bug fixes, backend updates, etc., and four week releases of new features and functionality. This pivot will simplify and optimize the MyGeotab and Geotab Drive platforms into one evolving but unified version. You’ll get new features faster and you can configure your needs and specifications by selecting which new features you want to enable. 

The new approach ensures that you are always on the latest and greatest version of the Geotab platform. Here are some benefits you can expect:

    • One version of MyGeotab for all customers means more focus on innovation and product quality
    • You get new functionality – and value – faster:  features will now be launched when they are ready vs. waiting for next major release
    • Fewer product changes deployed at once: enhanced product stability and reliability, and new features can be turned on with a flag  
    • Preview new features before they are released:  ability to sign up for regular previews of new features in MyPreview so you are consistently gaining value and insights
    • Quicker feedback loop and iteration: faster response to customer feedback for product changes and bug fixes.
MyGeotab V11 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Geotab making this change?

The new approach ensures that you are always on the latest and greatest version of the Geotab platform. Here are some benefits you can expect:

Why is Geotab making this change

How will upgrade migrations be managed between now and through the path to MyGeotab Version 11?

Geotab is aiming to get all customers on MyGeotab Version 11 by May 14th, 2023. The reason for this accelerated timeline is to get to one version to deliver a better product and customer experience moving forward. If you are already on Version 10, you’ll have until mid May to upgrade to Version 11. If you are on an older release, you will be migrated through to MyGeotab Version 11 one version upgrade at a time to reach this milestone.

Depending on how many upgrade migrations you need to make, you might only be on a newer release for a week or two. We understand that for some of our customers this is much faster than normal. To ease the process, our customer-facing teams are all hands on deck to be able to support you and your Geotab Partner through the transition.

Why is Geotab doing incremental upgrades to databases to reach MyGeotab Version 11 versus a single upgrade to get there?

Geotab gave much consideration to how to approach getting all customers onto the same version to achieve this milestone and make this important shift in our product release strategy. They concluded that there is a higher degree of risk in skipping releases. Should an issue arise during the migration process, pushing all customers through a significant single version upgrade makes it more difficult to roll back major changes should they need to.

How do I know what version I am on?

To see what version you are on in MyGeotab, click on Administration > About. For example, the database below is running on Version 11.0. See below.

Will I need to manually update to the new versions?

The version upgrades through to Version 11 will automatically be rolled out to our customers during standard maintenance hours.

How will deployments and releases work after MyGeotab Version 11 migration is complete?

Future releases

What are some new highlights we can look forward to in versions 10 and 11?

Version 10

● Restricted Data Mode (Feature Preview)
● Safety Center (Feature Preview)
● New AI Collision Detection Rule
● EV Range Capability
● Energy Report Performance
● Interactive Reports (Feature Preview)
● Mobile App Improvements

Version 11

● Maintenance Center (Feature Preview)
● Safety Center V1
● New Navigation Menu (Feature Preview)
● Improved MyGeotab Routes and Optimization (Feature Preview)
● Improved workflow to register databases
● Interactive Charts for built-in reports


How can we submit feature requests and feedback?

The current feature request process is being phased out as of May 1st, 2023. What’s taking its place? Geotab is introducing the Feedback Hub, a new direct channel for customers and partners to submit ideas related to how they can improve their products – and your experiences with them.

The Feedback Hub gives you the opportunity to not only submit your feedback or ideas directly, but you can also view all submitted feedback, upvote, and comment to help drive up the priority of submissions. You can access the Feedback Hub on the Geotab Community site. Just a note that if you are not already a member, you must register to join the Community in order to be able to
submit ideas or feedback.

Who do we contact with questions or if we experience issues during our migration?

If you require assistance or have any inquiries during your migration, please follow your existing support pathway.


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