The 3G Network Sunset Update – What’s the Delay?

Over the past few days, we have been seeing references to new targets for retiring the 3G networks, and a “fatal flaw” discovered in the 5G network testing going on in quite a few cities. One might assume that the delays in retiring 3G are related to the delay in full-scale deployment of 5G due to this “fatal flaw”.

network sunset update

Is There Really a Fatal Flaw?

Legacy Research Group posted an article last year that indicates the 5G signals are strong when you are outside or near an antenna, but that even a simple pane of glass can break up the signal when you go inside. This may have been a ploy to sell stock in a small company they say has all the answers, so we looked further.

Another post, a transcription of a podcast on refers to the flaw as the “5G energy gap”. This post seems to indicate that we need to substantially improve energy grid efficiency for 5G to do all that we are expecting it to do. Frankly, the explanations given are well over this writer’s technical understanding, but the fact that so many are writing about it indicates there are some issues still to be resolved.

When Will it Really Happen?

According to Android Authority, your 3G Verizon phone will stop working at the end of 2022. Android Headlines confirms that and also indicates AT&T is targeting the end of 2022 as well. The only network provided update we were able to find was from the news center on and it also confirms the 3G network sunset for the end of next year.

On Febtruary 19 an email communication went out from FMCSA advising drivers of upcoming sunset dates to keep their ELD systems transmitting.  This email identified a 7/1/2022 sunset date for TMO but did not specify the source, so we dug deeper.

As of 2/22/2022, the official AT&T 3G sunset date, we found new information published early this morning on what to expect from TMO on 

3G Network Sunset Resources

Planning for the 3G sunset now still gets you ahead of the game. We have resources available to help you to prepare, and upgrade programs in place to mitigate the financial impact. We even have a special limited free device promo for new customers that are transitioning from another GPS provider, so be sure to share this with friends and business associates that are using other platforms, and complete the form below to be qualified for the promotion.