New Geotab Harnesses for New Truck Connections

Geotab recently announced a series of new harnesses and kits for use with Geotab GO devices. These include adaptable harnesses and fuse connectors designed to work with vehicle-specific engines in global markets. With a wide variety of applications, universal fuse connectors have been added that may help minimize complexity, reduce installation time, and improve safety.

GO9 telematic devices installed on the newest harnesses from Geotab are capable of much more than you may expect. New harnesses were previously introduced to capture more data on the newer Volvo, Mack, and Hino trucks. The harness offering continues to expand to address more assets and more applications.

Volvo and Mack Fuse Panel Installs

For quite a few years most telematic devices were connected to the diagnostic ports. Connecting to a fuse panel can be a bit daunting the first time. It is confusing at first glance, but actually is a straightforward installation process with connections in easy reach, but still out of sight. Ultimately, with computer networks becoming more sophisticated on trucks such as Volvo and Mack, connecting telematics technology to the fuse panel reduces potential error codes or other issues.

The Newest Geotab Harnesses and Harness Kits

The table below lists all new kits along with a brief description. These kits may be used to replace existing harnesses or kits. If the new kit you need is not yet available, you can continue to order harnesses and kits currently on offer.
The table below lists the new harnesses for the GO Rugged device along with a brief description.