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Complete source for fleet management technology. When knowing what your fleet is doing, it enables you to make rapid and accurate decisions. Operating a fleet without a GPS tracker is the same as running your business with a blindfold on. As a fleet manager you need data which is used on conjunction with operational information and experience to make the right decision for your organization. The Fleetistics car tracker blog provides insight on challenges facing fleet managers today and how to get the most from vehicle trackers. 


Covert Tracker Placement

Covert Tracker Placement

Covert Tracking Device Placement   It is important to think through where you place a GPS tracker on a vehicle or asset for covert tracking. The location may vary depending on the goal being vehicle recovery due to theft or cover tracking for investigative...

We’ve Got Persistence!

Fleetistics is busy preparing Persistence for its debut at the Build Expo #416 in Tampa Oct 24th & 25th. Persistence is a Sherp ATV designed to operate in the extreme conditions of Siberia. With 63” wheels, the name Persistence represents the rugged go anywhere...