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Complete source for fleet management technology. When knowing what your fleet is doing, it enables you to make rapid and accurate decisions. Operating a fleet without a GPS tracker is the same as running your business with a blindfold on. As a fleet manager you need data which is used on conjunction with operational information and experience to make the right decision for your organization. The Fleetistics car tracker blog provides insight on challenges facing fleet managers today and how to get the most from vehicle trackers.


Happy Holidays from Fleetistics

Happy Holidays from Fleetistics

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year Happy Holidays! During this holiday season, may each and every one of us carry hope and warmth in our hearts. Reach out to those in need, be grateful for your blessings, and make an effort to spend quality time with family and friends....

AT&T Shuts Down 2G Network

Upgrade to 3G+ "According to certain AT&T officials, the network is still supporting 2G networks but gradually customers with 2G cell phones which operate on the 1900 MHz band of the spectrum will lose all services. The carrier, like others in the sector is finding it...

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