Popular GO System Add-Ons

Popular add-on services for GO System

Geotab Marketplace

The Geotab Marketplace is a listing of all companies that have integrated their products and services with the GO System. If you have an interest in one of the Geotab Marketplace partners, contact your Fleetistics account manager. Not all partners offer comparable service and Fleetistics can provide insight on Geotab Marketplace partners we have worked with in the past. Visit Geotab Marketplace. View the Geotab Fleet Management system.


D2GO Driver Challenge

D2GO – Driver Challenge

The Driver Challenge is fully integrated into Geotab, extending the platform to bring gamification to the best telematics solution worldwide.

ZenduCAM - Live vehicle video


Fleetistics has been partnered with ZenduIT for several years. Their overall mission is to make the workplace environment easier to manage.



Paper DoDo - Field Service Forms


Fleetistics partners with PaperDoDo to provide back-office workforce management tools & dispatching capabilities integrated with GO devices.

MapsBI Customer Fleet Analytics


See data in ways that standard reports do not allow. Custom created graphs, charts and reports can be built to customer specification.

Geotab Driver ID

Driver ID

Driver ID brings organization to data that is otherwise difficult to understand when many people are driving the same vehicle, also know as “hot seating” a vehicle.

AOBRD and ELD Compliance


Remaining compliant with AOBRD and ELD hours of service regulations is a complex, time consuming and expensive requirement.

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