Driver Scoring Gameification

  • Encourages friendly competition
  • Raises awareness on the impacts of bad driving habits
  • Identifies and helps you avoid risky behavior
  • Instant feedback allows faster learning
  • Better results with less coaching

Motivate and Coach Drivers

  • Immediate and continuous driver feedback
  • Fleet and driver report cards and rankings
  • Raises awareness on the impacts of bad driving habits
  • Instant feedback allows faster learning
  • Encourages friendly competition

Report on driver behavior

Leverage Geotab’s data to fairly score and monitor driving habits. See how your vehicles are being driven in the field.

Configure KPIs and how they impact driver scores

Your fleet, your picks. Focus on safety, productivity, or what you value most. Is idling more important to you? Give it more weight. Is dangerous driving a concern? No problem.

Weekly and quarterly trend analysis

Who’s improving? Who’s slipping behind? Trends show you what’s coming, make sure you pay attention.

Big data gamification

Big Data

We assist fleet managers access to an immense amount of driver and equipment data to better manage their fleet.

A major challenge is interpreting the vast amount of data into comprehensive information managers can coach their teams with to improve productivity,safety, reduce maintenance costs, and keep drivers motivated and engaged. Good employees are hard to get, and even harder to replace.

What is Gamification?


Gamification is the process of using game thinking and tools in common settings, which are not related to games. It is used to engage and motivate people to achieve goals. It works because it taps into the basic needs for Status and Achievement.

Driver Challenge – Gamification

The Driver Challenge is fully integrated into Geotab, extending the platform to bring gamification to the best telematics solution worldwide. Gamification is the future in terms of workforce coaching and management. Studies show significant increases in employee engagement, motivation, and retention when learning environments are gamified.

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