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Geotab Devices Reduce Wasted Time & Resources

Fleetistics partners with Geotab to provide GPS tracking & telematic devices which integrate with plug-ins to create customized solutions for your business. With over 500,000 devices in operation, Geotab is a leading player in the industry. It focuses on its mission to create solutions that help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles. Geotab also leads initiatives on corporate social responsibility for environmental sustainability.


Geotab GPS Tracking & Telematics

Products & Services

Geotab GO7 devices are designed to provide the flexibility and high-quality recording required for managing complex, large fleets. Apply rules for driving alerts, integrate modular third-party attachments, and create custom reports.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily Installed without a Technician
  • Portable Device – Move to Different Vehicles as Needed
  • IOX Bluetooth Integration for Beacon Tracking
  • Vehicle Location Updated on a Second-by-Second Basis
  • Accident Reports Triggered by G-Force Events
  • Driver ID Options
  • Driver Coaching Alerts with Voice Options

MyGeotab fleet management software designed to improve business decision making. It allows for fleet management to take place on one easy-to-use platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Scalable for Growing Businesses
  • Simple View of Relevant Information
  • Reliable Databases and Support
  • Standard Benchmarking Reports

Geotab SDK creates the opportunity for companies to automate tasks for working with MyGeotab data. It helps learn how to develop applications, as well as integrate third-party systems into the software. Geotab API adds entities to the database for management of devices, users, and zones.

Features & Benefits

  • Utilize Modular Third-Party Equipment
  • Integrate Databases
  • Easily Add New Users, Devices & Zones
  • Customize Data Collection




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