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Fleetistics partners with GlobalStar to provide satellite communication for workers in limited signal areas. Harsh, isolated environments can be hazardous for employees. It is important to provide a method of communication for routine job check-ins and SOS emergency situations.

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GlobalStar Satellite Phones

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GlobalStar Satellite Phone, GSP-1700, provides a 100% satellite option for communication. The device provides a clear voice quality with no delay.

Features & Benefits

  • Communication with Isolated Employees
  • Fastest Satellite Data Speeds
  • U.S. Based Phone Numbers
  • Full System Redundancy

GlobalStar has released the 9600 Hotspot Wi-Fi device to provide wireless internet signals to devices nearby. Like all of this company’s technologies, the device utilizes consistent, reliable satellite connections. The mobile hotspot can provide internet connection to up to 8 devices at once.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable and Light-Weight; Weighs Only 2 oz
  • Battery Life up to 36 Hours on Standby
  • No Additional Service Costs Beyond Existing Plan



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As a result of this redeployment and the savings associated with not having to add new staff in the over utilized work group we are able to claim a six month payback on our Phase 1 investment even before we made the investment!


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