Back Office Management & Dispatching


Mobile Workforce Management

Fleetistics partners with PaperDoDo to provide back-office workforce management tools & dispatching capabilities integrated with GO devices. In the simplest of terms, the program schedules appointments, sends notifications to employees to attend the appointments, tracks location & appointment status, and creates & distributes invoices. All of these tasks are done electronically to make paper extinct – like the DoDo bird


Big Savings

  • Dispatch 20% more appointments daily
  • Decrease admin work by 90%
  • Increase revenue by 20%
  • Reduce expenses by 10%
  • Increase profit margins

Products & Services

PaperDoDo creates the ability for your business to offer professional and efficient billing options.

Features & Benefits

  • Create Paperless Billing Invoices
  • Email Invoices to Customers
  • Accept Mobile Payment Methods

PaperDoDo presents a unique scheduling option. It integrates with GO devices to perform dispatching activities.

Features & Benefits

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Dispatch Technicians with Notifications
  • Communicate Remotely with Team Chat
  • Maintain Visual GPS Location on Vehicles
  • Monitor Appointment Status

PaperDoDo offers time-card services. Electronic time-cards increase worker liability and ownership. They also reduce the opportunity for input errors due to data entry and illegibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Calculate Payroll Hours
  • Reduce Payroll Time
  • Reduce Payroll Inflation and Inaccuracies

How does PaperDoDo eliminate 90% of admin work?

Mobile workers can go paperless and instantly provide completed work orders and job status. This eliminates unnecessary steps in the workflow process.

How long does it take to set up?

Once you have decided to use PaperDoDo, it takes less than 15 minutes to setup and begin using. Contact Fleetistics if you also need a GO GPS tracking device.

How does PaperDoDo reduce labor and gas costs?

PaperDoDo provides birds-eye view of appointments and driver’s live location making it easier to schedule and dispatch appointments efficiently. Removes unnecessary driving and wasted labor getting to appointments. An average rolling cost per mile for light duty vehicles is $.75. How much money can you save driving fewer miles?

How long does it take to learn how to use?

PaperDoDo is very simple to use and Fleetistics will train you in just a few minutes. Most people know how to use it without looking at our instruction manual. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to use each of our add-ins.

How secure is our company data?

All company data is protected by unique usernames and passwords which are synced with Fleetistics and Geotab. As long as you keep your passwords safe, your company data will be safe. Your data is backed up on multiple servers.

What if I need a feature that PaperDoDo does not have?

Speak with your Fleetistics sales consultant. We will add your feature request to our road map and prioritize it based on how many other customers will benefit from that feature.

How much does it cost?

PaperDoDo is affordable for any company size. Contact Fleetistics directly for exact pricing.

How do we get started?

Contact Fleetistics for a brief online demo where you can see exactly how PaperDoDo can improve your business.


  • Android & iOS Devices

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