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Up to 300 hours of recording and live view available

Vehicle Video Solutions

Rosco Vision Systems engineer and manufacture visual safety systems for all types of commercial fleet vehicles. RVS systems are designed to help fleet managers run a more efficient operation, fully compliant with all safety rules, regulations, and legislation.

The truck and van industry knows Rosco through the many products provided to companies like Paccar, Mack, Morgan Olson, Oshkosh, and Utilimaster, who manufacture vehicles for such notable fleets as UPS, Federal Express, United States Postal Service, the Canada Post, and others.

The mission of Rosco Vision Systems is to develop high quality products that function flawlessly for the life of the vehicle and provide a level of service and support that our customers have come to expect.

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Rosco Vision Systems - Video Cameras

Camera Options

Video Cameras for Commercial Vehicles.

  • Continuous video and event recording
  • Up to 3,000 hours of recoding
  • Fully integrated with Geotab GPS tracker
  • Interior camera and audio option
  • Event based logging
  • Loop recording
  • Live streaming view option

Evaluate essential images, inside and out, with a dual view video camera for commercial vehicles. We engineer advanced devices that capture AV and vehicle tracking data so you can reduce fines, accidents, and fuel costs. With a dual view windshield camera, optimal frames per second video recordings are collected, with audio options. Our original Dual-Vision™ systems continuously record up to 30 hours of footage and come in standard or security-protected models. Let non-stop recordings from Rosco dual video cameras deliver the data you need now.

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Backing accidents are prevalent in many industries. Vans are often large and have the field of view blocked by equipment or the windows completely covered. Maneuvering in tight areas only leads to more issues.

Backing accidents may not cost as much as major accidents but they result in lost productivity, lost wages, upset customers and legal fees. An investment in a commercial grade backup camera can significantly reduce these accidents. Consumer grade backup cameras are readily available and you can buy 2-3 of those or 1 commercial quality system that can be transferred between vehicles with the GPS trackers and other commercial grade fleet equipment.


Rosco Backup Camera

The Dual-Vision camera system is fully integrated into the Geotab GO fleet management platform. This means the exceptions triggered in the Geotab platform will result in video clips being transferred to the cloud for management review. This is a great way to control costs and only see video of interest. It is also possible to connect for a live view session if needed like in the case of an accident.

If your fleet is not running the Geotab vehicle tracking system the Rosco Dual Vision solution can be operated independently. If you have another GPS tracking system the two can run side-by-side without being integrated. At some point you will likely want to migrate to the integrated solution but that is up to your fleet manager.


In-Cab Camera System

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