SafeRide Mobile App

Stop Distracted Driving

Improving Fleet Safety

SafeRide® is an app that automatically locks a driver’s phone while driving. It eliminates the temptation and distractions that mobile phones cause while driving.


  1. SafeRide works by recognizing the hardware in your car: Bluetooth and/or telematics devices.
  2. As you start to drive, your phone screen will lock and it will mute your rings and alerts, so you can pay attention to the road.
  3. You are still able to make emergency calls and use your hands‑free system.
  4. You can use your phone’s navigation or music by starting them before you drive or through hands‑free controls.
  5. After you’ve parked your car, your phone will wake up.
SafeRide Go Devices with Phones

What Your Fleet Managers Can Expect

The SafeRide Dashboard allows Fleet Managers to monitor drivers’ usage of the SafeRide app in real time.

SafeRide Dashboard

Phone Status Meanings

An invitation has been sent, but SafeRide app has yet to be installed.
SafeRide app successfully installed, but a vehicle has not been added.
A vehicle has been added and SafeRide is ready to engage.
The app detects driving motion and the phone is locked.
The phone is in passenger mode and unlocked.
The SafeRide App has been disabled or uninstalled and has not reported its status back to the server.

SafeRide Installed on Smart Phone

SafeRide Means Safer Rides for Your Fleet, and More Money in Your Pocket.

  • SafeRide Reduces Risk & Improves Driver Safety.
  • Reduces Frequency, Severity and Costs of Accidents.
  • Average Costs Savings of $763 per Driver, per Year.
  • Behavioral Changes Measured in Reduced Hard-breaking Events

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Best in class save $2,500 per year, per vehicle

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