Virtual Driver Coach

Real-time driver feedback on unwanted driving habits.


Affordable Video Solution

The ZD Pro video camera was designed to fill a specific market segment. This requires a very affordable monthly service which includes the video camera on a 24 month lease. Other features help prevent accidents with better driving habits. Unions are especially interested due to driver privacy features.

  • Fully integrated with Geotab platform
  • Video icons added to breadcrumb trail
  • Download clips or pictures
  • Add-in to Geotab Drive
  • Video transfers using mobile app
    on drivers phone (~5mb/month)
  • Forward facing camera
  • No audio
  • No interior camera
  • Clips transmitted by exception only
  • Tamper detection
  • App verbally coaches driver
  • View video clips on map
  • API for integration
  • Cloud hosted
  • Easy installation with 3M tape
  • Cigarette lighter or wired power

Dashcam Images


Camera Reads Road


Easy & Rapid Installation


Map & Street View

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