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Fleetistics chooses partners geared towards providing quality integrations, and Vulcan Scales has not fallen short. Vulcan Scales offers multiple options for on-board truck weighing systems for every suspension type, including air, single, multi, spring, and 5th wheel.

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Vulcan Scales On-Board Weighing

Products & Services

Fleetistics partners with Vulcan Scales to create solutions for truck weighing. The scales are designed to streamline the weighing process. Overweight vehicles can result in unnecessary delays, hefty fines, and extraneous wear on vehicle suspension. Over time, products have adapted to meet customer needs and technological changes.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Delays from Weighing Lines
  • Elimination of Overweight Fines
  • Increased Suspension Life from Improved Weight Distribution
  • Pinpoint Costs to Better Bill Customer for Load Weight
  • Decrease Fuel Costs with More Truck-Load Trips


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